Errr... we've noticed a slight issue with the new period emoji.

In more reproductive-organ-related emoji news (our favourite kind), there’s a period emoji soon to land in your phone.

This is in addition to the social-media dubbed “small d*ck emoji”, of course.

Now, finally, a simple way we can communicate that it’s ~that time of the month~.

Psst, this is what your period would be like not as an emoji, but as a person. Post continues after.

So, what will the period emoji look like, you ask?

Is it a pad?

Is it a tampon?

…Is it a blood-stained pair of undies?

Or is it… something like this?


Nah. It’s a cute little droplet of blood and SORRY, WHAT?


That's not... we don't... What?

OK, while the emoji itself might not represent what we think of when someone says the word 'period', it's been added for a pretty meaningful reason.

Along with a wheelchair, garlic and the "pinching hand" small d*ck gesture (hehe), the drop of blood will be included in the update, following an online petition organised by the UK arm of humanitarian group Plan International.

The 2017 campaign amassed close to 55,000 signatures, and was initiated after a survey found 48 per cent of UK women aged between 14 and 21 were "embarrassed" by their periods.

A possible design for the emoji was mooted as part of the campaign - a picture of stained undies - but was rejected by Unicode Consortium.

But hey, a win's a win, and Lucy Russell, Head of Girls Rights and Youth at Plan International UK, said in statement that the move alone will help "normalise periods".

"The inclusion of an emoji which can express what 800 million women around the world are experiencing every month is a huge step towards normalising periods and smashing the stigma which surrounds them," she said.

Social media reactions have been varied, with some praising the new symbol, some suggesting it's a novelty approach to solving a deeper issue, and others, like us, questioning whether a "blood drop" is an accurate representation of periods altogether.




And one user pointed out that we may have already had a period emoji all along:

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