BEHOLD: The new "pinching hand" emoji that's guaranteed to become every woman's favourite.

For single women everywhere, there is nothing more terrifying than an unsolicited d*ck pic.

Because unknowingly opening a text containing an image of some dude’s genitalia is never a fun surprise. Ever.

Well, it seems the emoji gods have answered our cries with the perfect means of responding.

It’s simple.

It’s elegant.

It’s genius.

…It’s a pinching hand, and we owe someone at the Unicode Consortium a drink and a high five.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was awash with commentary when the cheeky new emoji dropped on Emojimedia today.




And a non d*ck-related but equally as great tweet:

The new emoji is one of 230 new additions (including gender and skin tone variants), but before we talk about the wholesome and exciting ones, we should mention there’s also a yawning emoji so all your sassing needs can be met.


Included in the new batch is a larger selection of skin tones, and a myriad of symbols for the differently abled – with wheelchairs, hearing aid symbols, a person walking with a probing cane, guide dogs, mechanical limbs and more.

On the animal front, we’ve been spoilt for choice, with a sloth, flamingo, skunk and more.

There’s also a garlic for all your foodie-text needs.

Hang tight, though – the new wave will start showing up on phones in September, but some platforms might start releasing them earlier.

Until then, the magnifying glass emoji will do the trick.

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