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Sandpaper sex and nipple hair: 29 women on the unexpected symptoms of perimenopause.

Apart from a few conversations about hot flushes and vaginal dryness, we barely seem to talk about all the crazy stuff that happens to a woman's peri-menopausal body. It's quiet out there. Really hush-hush. 

And it's not 'cos there's nothing to talk about - there's LOTS of things to discuss. Like, there are things you didn't even know could happen to your body when you 'reach a certain age' (we're looking at you, hairy nipples).

Watch: Emily hit puberty at four years old. Now, she's experiencing menopause. Post continues below.

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This lack of conversation leaves so many women confused and uneasy not knowing what the hell is going on with their bodies. How s**t is that?

So, we decided to talk about it.

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From itchy skin, to dryness and mood swings that rival puberty — here are some of the most unexpected symptoms women experience during perimenopause.


"I was not prepared for overheating at night! I've always been cold and liked to cover myself in heavy blankets, but now I'm running much hotter. I've also gone from a C cup to an E cup. None of my old shirts fit right. I had the rod in my arm last year due to having my period every two weeks for 12+ weeks and a super heavy period."


"All over itchiness including bouts of hives. I take the Telfast with itching relief pretty much year round. Sometimes I wake up and I'm scratching."


"Increased body odour! And randomly the soles of my feet feel hot but they are cool to touch." 

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