An Adelaide woman has created the pantry of your pastel-coloured dreams.

An Adelaide blogger has shared photos of her millennial pink and baby blue pantry – and it’s everything our pastel-coloured dreams are made of.

From shelving and jars to appliances and even a handy shopping list space – everything is pastel and everything is immaculate.

Neat freaks and organisation-lovers, behold:

(Image via From Great Beginnings by Iryna Federico.)

If you've just fallen in love and are currently trying to figure out how you can recreate this masterpiece, do we have some good news for you? Iryna Federico has shared every detail of how she built her dream pantry on her blog From Great Beginnings.

Even better, the whole project won't break the bank. Iryna says the entire pantry, which included all of the shelving, the installation, the appliances and everything inside, was just $3000. That's because the budget conscious 26-year-old shopped at Target, Kmart, IKEA and Costco to fill her pantry.


Those candy-coloured jars you see? They're all spray-painted $4 jars from Kmart. Also $4, was a spice-rack from IKEA Iryna painted. And she's a big fan of the store's white Pluggis baskets for hiding mess, she told the Daily Mail.

Click through the gallery to see more of Iryna's amazing pantry. (Post continues.)

Iryna's splurge was on OXO pop containers, which she has somewhat of an obsession with.

"Being fairly pricey individually, I bought mine in bulk sets from Costco and did a bunch of 50 cent surveys to be able to justify the cost to myself," she told the Daily Mail.

"This year, Kmart released an awesome knock-off which I wish was available when I was looking."

The marketing coordinator, who kindly provided the plans for her pantry on her blog, says while designing her pantry she made lists of common pantry items and took photos of other people's cupboards.

"I was determined not to miss anything and not have a spot for it," she wrote on her blog.

As for the colour scheme, well, it started from pastel pink KitchenAid mixer she received as a wedding gift and took off from there.

"The colours make me immensely happy and always inspire baking and cooking  - even though all I bake is packet mixes - but surely that still counts."

You can see more of Iryna's pantry on her blog or Facebook.

Listen: Sometimes, your pantry is not your happy place.