Kourtney Kardashian's pantry is honestly bigger than our local supermarket.

Kourtney Kardashian has introduced the world to her pantry.

But she must be confused.

It’s not a pantry.

  Picture: The Kourtney Kardashian app.

That thing is a bloody fully-fledged SUPERMARKET.

With long aisles, and metal shelves, and glass containers, and expiry dates, and enough bottled water to fill 12 camels.


Kourtney is buying groceries - and, by that we mean, Kourtney is paying somebody to buy groceries - from a supermarket... To file away into her own supermarket. GENIUS.

Let's not kill her pantry illusion. Because it's actually really wonderful, and I want to live in that room.

Back when her sister Khloe Kardashian revealed her pantry to us in 2015, it made us all very anxious.

Some of us don't even possess a pantry (see: me). Some of us live in an apartment the size of a Kardashian pantry (see: me).

But since that unsettling time, we have come to accept that the Kardashians don't live a normal existence.

We now understand that instead of spending any spare time around the house scrubbing the oven or cleaning out blocked drains, they spend theirs organising their pantries.

Kourtney decided to take her fans on a tour of her food storage space on her app, while she and her friend Larsa Pippen had a fun-filled day cleaning out the room.

Picture: The Kourtney Kardashian app.

The 37-year-old says she ensures everything she stocks in her pantry is healthy and nutritious for her three kids - whom she shares with partner Scott Disick.

"I always keep the healthy snacks on the bottom rack so the kids can reach them," she says.

She also keeps most food immaculately organised in a library of containers - but heaven forbid they should be plastic.

"Food can absorb harmful toxins from being stored in plastic containers. I keep a large stock of glass and stainless steel vessels in the house," she says.

Picture: The Kourtney Kardashian app.

She transfers her purchases into these jars as soon as she can because, of course, everything must look uniform, and in perfectly lined rows. And expiration dates are taped to each..

So what have we learned?

That Kourtney is an organisational extraordinaire.

And while she may only have three little mouths to feed, she has enough supplies stocked to survive 10 natural disasters.

See? Organised.