Britney Spears' shopping list must be the world's unhealthiest celebrity shopping list. But who cares?


Finally, we know what Britney Spears eats. Yessssssssss.

Finally, we can see her handwriting and spelling mistakes. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss.

Finally, we can buy her very own handwritten shopping lists for a $330 bargain.


And you know it’s authentic, because the seller on eBay got them from “a former associate of Britney’s and are handwritten from Britney and come from Britney’s house”. And the seller wrote EVERYTHING IN CAPITALS SO YOU KNOW THEY’RE TELLING THE TRUTH REALLY A LOT.



Britney’s ‘shopping list’ includes a whole list of bad, naughty and oddly specific foods like baby pizzas, Red Bull, double stuffed Oreos and cinamin (good spelling, Britters) buns.

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Also, she’s buying I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (but no confirmation on the list as to whether she actually, in fact, cannot believe that it’s not butter), an ‘assortment of cookies’, fat free bacon (is a thing?), and a shit-tonne of ice-cream.

See the shopping lists here. Post continues after gallery. (Images: eBay)

Go Britney. It may be the world’s unhealthiest celebrity shopping list, but who cares? Baby pizzas are awesome, dammit. And she’s been doing a zillion shows a week in Vegas, so the poor girl probably deserves a biscuit or fifty.


The weirdest thing on the list is ‘Boobs’ and ‘Nose’, with a note to talk to the nose doctor. But let’s remember that (a) Britney may not have written it, (b) her body is her choice and (c) she may have just been reminding herself that she has boobs and a nose, not shopping for new ones.

Some recent photos from Britney’s Instagram page. Post continues after gallery.

Quick! The shopping lists are on eBay for between AU$60 (with eBay seller’s note-in-capitals “THIS APPEARS TO BE IN SOMEONE ELSE’S HANDWRITING NOT BRITNEY’S) to AU$335 for the list including boobs/nose.

The lists are mostly written on scrap paper, including one on the back of a Motion Picture Summary, with a film plot of “a family’s poor financial situation forces them to spend a night in an abandoned trailer park, where they are hunted down and terrorised by a trio of masked killers out to commit horrific acts of violence”, which really sounds like a missed opportunity, Brit.

Don’t worry, Spears. You eat what you want to eat. But just keep a close eye on those associates of yours, stealing your shopping lists and selling them in capital letters.


“So… Is it really butter?”