"I've never had a threesome in a positive way." Why Pamela Anderson vows against group sex.

Pamela Anderson may have built her career on her sexpot image, but the actress-turned-author has revealed that sex has to be meaningful for her to actually enjoy it.

“I don’t enjoy sex without love and commitment. It’s not mechanical or to show off. It’s about intimacy and sharing secrets,” she said in a recent Q&A with fans for Dazed magazine.

And for that reason, along with a few others, the 51-year-old has never had an enjoyable threesome.

When asked about the topic, the former Baywatch star told fans her forays into group sex just didn’t work out.

“I have never had a threesome or group sex in a positive way,” she said.

“But to each their own. All my lovers were too jealous. Except for maybe one that fantasised about me being with a woman and watching us.”

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While she didn’t share which of her former partners – who include her ex-husbands Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salomon – she experimented with, she has previously spoken about an awkward encounter at the Playboy mansion.

Chatting to UK journalist Piers Morgan on his show, Life Stories, in March this year, Anderson said what she thought was a sex session she’d just be a spectator for, was actually a ploy for her to have sex with Hugh Hefner while models watched.

“Everyone was naked in the grotto and the girls were downstairs and they all went upstairs,” she said.

“I followed them upstairs. I thought, ‘What could be going on up here?’ Seven girls, one at a time with Hef.

“I was stood at the end of the bed watching them and then I realised they were watching me. I thought, ‘This is not a movie. I need to leave’.”


It wasn’t going to happen then, and Anderson told fans that a threesome is not going to happen in her current relationship with French soccer star Adil Rami.

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“It sounds tempting sometimes, but I’m too romantic,” she said.

However, that doesn’t mean Anderson isn’t interested in a spicy love life.

Her book Lust for Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship, which she and co-author Shmuley Boteach released in January, discusses how porn and our over-sexualised society have effectively killed intimacy and sensuality.

Anderson and Rabbi Boteach want their readers to “rediscover what’s sexy again”, bring the romance back and “repair unfulfilling sex lives”.

As she said to one fan asking about her (possibly porn-addicted) boyfriend: “It’s a dangerous time for good sex. We must do all we can to keep human connections – we are stronger in pairs.”

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