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ak87 April 15, 2021

"As firm believers in the power of love, we celebrate Colton's journey in the LGBTQIA+ community every step of the way."
Yet there still hasn’t been an LGBTQIA+ season of the bachelor/bachelorette.. 

ak87 April 7, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 it will be legal reasons.. if it’s shared by a publication they could be sued for using it unlawfully (copyright laws and all)

ak87 April 3, 2021

@ak87 also, I’m a parent of 2 boys, one with special needs and I myself have disabilities and have experienced exclusion, true exclusion, on many occasions, boys not being invited to a little girls birthday party or vice versa is not exclusion.

ak87 April 3, 2021

No-one NEEDS to do anything for your son other than you/his parents. Full stop, end of story.

Have you paid for a birthday party?? There needs to be some kind of limits and this parent chose theirs. 

ak87 March 28, 2021

Really mamamia?? You’re going with that rhetoric right now? In the wake of the Britney doco, and Paris sharing her experiences of abuse?

Hilary didn’t make the ‘mistake’ of being a typical young woman being hounded by paparazzi to get ‘the money shot’? The others that were, were just trying to live their lives, their only ‘mistake’ was being famous. This was about the paparazzi not the women’s choices to have fun in their prime. Many of us everyday women did similar to the others, we were just lucky enough not to be famous and photos of it not splashed across tabloids.

ak87 March 18, 2021

@genywoman have a look on your voting ballots next time you vote, you’ll see 1 female for every 3 males on there. It’s about optics for the parties, who is most likely to appeal to the voters, a pretty white guy promising to look after women and men appeals more to both women and men than a woman doing the same thing, you said yourself, women are only ~50% of voters. 

ak87 March 18, 2021

That isn’t what old age looks like, it is what death looks like. I have seen 2 grandparents a couple of months before death, then immediately before with one and immediately after with the other, that is the face of death, not of a 99 year old man who is going to recover and live another 12 months.

My great grandmother lived to 101 and 10 months, she had far more flesh and life to her on her 100th birthday than he has right now, and she was diagnosed with inoperable bowel cancer 6 months before she turned 100 and given 3 months to live.
People are uncomfortable with death and Prince Phillip is exactly what death in old age looks like. I literally said to my stepmum that is exactly what grandad looked like when I saw him after he passed, the open jaw and all

ak87 March 17, 2021

@rush definitely not just where you are, I live in Canberra but am in Sydney because I just had 2 surgeries and it’s alive and well in both places. I’m ok if women’s 80 hair comes backs because that’s my natural state 😂 its effort not to have a cross between a lions mane and Afro! I just bought a Dyson hairdryer to tame it though (omg don’t get me started how amazing it is, half the time to do my unruly mane that is below my bra strap!)

ak87 March 17, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 exactly, Pauline is just one example, but even within the parties I vote for (I am a mid left leaner) some of the women promote toxicity, maybe not male toxicity but I shouldn’t have to swap one for the other just in hopes I have my voice heard.

ak87 January 27, 2021

@rush as the article mentions, it will technically work on coloured hair, however, as a qualified hairdresser, unless you are willing to risk ending up with that ‘orange’ box bleach shade (particularly if you have either had a warm tone added and/or gone more that 1 shade darker than your natural colour), see a professional 😉 these will only give that ‘sun kissed glow’ on 100% completely virgin hair. Most of these photos with have had professional work done and at the absolute least also used a toner.

Anything other than 100% virgin hair and there is no way to predict how the hair will react, colour or damage wise.
If you have used a home colour kit at all in the last 2-5 years (2 for short hair 5 for medium to long) no matter the colour you have used, stay far far away! 

ak87 January 13, 2021

@amy i have recently started in recruitment and when reviewing resumes I only pay attention to their name when keeping records, I don’t look at a name until after I have reviewed their work experience and if they have the correct skill set, in fact I spoke to someone yesterday who had the exact skill set for the job I was recruiting for and when I spoke with her it was quite obvious she was Polynesian, I could tell by her work experience she has worked hard to prove herself as capable. 

It may be that I myself have experienced discrimination for having a disability, but most of the people we get jobs for are actually of international backgrounds (my supervisor has specialised in IT recruitment for a number of years, I’m hoping to broaden my skill set outside of that scope), we also encourage indigenous applicants and people that have worked within indigenous communities. We do prioritise them if they have the right experience and/or skill set for the exact reasons mentioned here.
My supervisor picked me out of the blue, I hadn’t even applied for a Joh, but based on my skill set and experience she believed I was more than capable, and then we met and clicked instantly. I want to be able to provide the same unbiased opportunities for others and maybe be the one to give them the break they deserve.

ak87 January 1, 2021

@elspeth I feel like by just ready the descriptions I think I already can tell the ‘twist’ in at least 4 of them. Part of the reason I only borrow books from the library now.

ak87 December 12, 2020

I fell in love with the Tiffany’s princess cut ring, so got a much cheaper/smaller version. Engagement rings all look the same nowadays, anyway, is it really that big a deal??? They can’t be the exact same as you are different people in different relationships. A ring doesn’t define a relationship.

ak87 December 7, 2020

@rush exactly, it’s obvious all of those photos of her with smooth skin are photoshopped, just look at the scar on her cheek in natural photos 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s quite obvious she has acne scarring in those photos too. You only have to watch a make-up tutorial on YouTube to see what a crap tonne of makeup and good lighting can do, ‘Nikki Tutorials’ is the perfect example here. Even a fake tan can make skin look smoother!

ak87 December 7, 2020

Having had a trial declared a mistrial and the thought of the prospect of having to go through it again leading me to self-harm, I really feel for these women. 

You are picked apart and scrutinised, called a liar to your face by the defence team, I even had things that were no relation to the case at all about the relationship brought up, as in it didn’t even help them try to discredit my reputation (about a cat dying from natural causes 2 years prior?!). 
The thought of having to go through it all again, when you had to psych yourself up the first time, is devastating.

ak87 December 6, 2020

To be fair, the bank one is the banks own stupid fault for having a phone number so close to a competitors, I’m sure that there would be plenty of customers who would make that mistake themselves over the years if they are that close!

ak87 December 6, 2020

@mamamia-user-482898552 I get what you are saying, as someone who has been in and out of hospital my whole life and had thousands of medical students accompanying my several doctors, I know the difference between students, residents and registrars (from my experience most leave between residency and becoming a registrar - and all of this was observed and learned before I was even in high school, let alone Greys being on TV), but she is still ‘technically speaking’ a doctor IN TRAINING, you don’t become qualified in anything until AFTER you have completed training. And given all of her achievements AND studying medicine AND doing placements with a small child who seems to still be in nappies, those are amazing achievements! She’s not going to have access to patients without supervision so I really don’t think the way she uses the terminology outside of the hospital setting matters, given she will always be introduced by the supervising doctor before even being allowed to say hello to a patient. Personally, I think she deserves to call herself a a trainee doctor - in her personal life, the general population don’t  understand most terminology anyway.

ak87 November 15, 2020

All well an good for someone who can actually afford close to $200 a WEEK to put aside.. for all those out of work thanks to covid they can’t even afford that much for groceries for a family, let alone to put aside.. as a pensioner, that’s almost half my annual ‘income’. I have just started a casual job just to afford more than baked beans soup and eggs for dinner.

ak87 November 1, 2020

@maya I was seconds away from death and my offender still only got a good behaviour order and ‘DV education’ and I have a DVO I can renew every 2 years. I had an incident where he inadvertently threatened me with his car and do you know what the police told me? “He didn’t verbally threaten you and he didn’t follow you so there is nothing we can do”. What was the point of me reliving the hell he put me through when I testified, then again the ongoing hell I went through after that reliving it in my victim impact statement, only to be told when an incident occurred, with witnesses, there’s nothing that can be done?

ak87 November 1, 2020

@rush my offender had to do compulsory DV education. At sentencing he still didn’t think he had done anything wrong and blamed me for what HE did. I am certain the education would have been pointless with him. Unless the offender understands and takes responsibility for their actions, no amount of anything will make a difference. He still lives in my neighbourhood and over two and a half years later I still struggle with the aftermath and am triggered if I even drive past him.

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