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ak87 September 4, 2020

My hair is naturally this exact colouring! Finally I’m effortlessly trendy... only 30 something years...

ak87 August 23, 2020

My cats knew I was pregnant before I knew both times. Females cats, desexed, but started spraying around the time I conceived (hadn’t done the tests yet!) stopped after a few weeks. Also became REALLY smoochy and neither were typically smoochy. Obviously they didn’t know it was pregnancy, but they could tell something had changed in me.

ak87 August 17, 2020

@fightofyourlife I read the whole thing and honestly, even if I was willing to spend $200 on a single pair of jeans (if my Kmart $15 jeans only last 3 years, still a decent investment imo!) the article was very lacking in enthusiasm considering she apparently lives them..

ak87 August 9, 2020

That first one, a definite married man trying to have an affair, it has ALL the red flags.

ak87 August 7, 2020

@snorks thank you for the intellectual conversation rather than the stupidity being broadcast out there. Whist the first WWII reference was kind of a moot point (realistically, they are still doing it with asylum seeker detention..).

I understand the point with the blackout orders, but people don’t have to like laws/rules, just follow them, when it’s in the interest of health and safety, the other issues many have mentioned aren’t relevant. 

As someone with a friend who has asthma so severe it is bordering on emphysema (only in their early 40’s, another friends husband died from cardiac complications from an asthma attack a few years back, he was only 40), an 89 year old grandmother living in Victoria and having lost my stepdad to his second lot of cancer (and having had to isolate myself for 2 weeks from him because I had shingles, which passing along to him in the form of chicken pox would have killed him), it actually really angers me that people are putting those peoples lives at risk, and tens of thousands like them, just because they feel uncomfortable. 
I HAD to wear a mask when taking my stepdad to chemo, I HAD to wear a mask the first time I visited my 4 week premature brothers (I was 6) and for the first few days of my 6 week premature baby’s life, but I had no issue in doing so, because it was keeping them safe, whilst visiting my son was technically a choice, the other two were not (my stepdad couldn’t get to chemo without me, and at 6 I had to do what I was told). 
Doctors and nurses HAVE to wear them in many situations even without a pandemic, they certainly don’t complain, and as has been shared they actually end up with injuries having to wear them all day every day currently, because it is to keep the majority safe.

And side note; thank you for understanding my point, I know it was a terrible example, but at least you got the idea. 

Whilst the legalities are somewhat murky, I don’t see ANY judge erring on the defendants side in these cases, because of the situation.
Did you know, Victoria also had the worst outbreaks and highest death toll in Australia in the beginning during the last pandemic, the Spanish flu? Did you also know it’s not the first time we have been ordered to wear masks?

ak87 August 4, 2020

I haven’t watched it yet, but I am going to.

I’m glad there are now things out there that show not all people with autism are the same, especially when so many news articles that have to do with someone with autism being violent, they aren’t all violent. I have a brother on the spectrum, but he is so much more than his diagnosis. Yes, he has meltdowns sometimes, and yes, it can be overwhelming for us, his family, but when he has had a girlfriend, she becomes his whole world and he treats her like a princess. He deserves love just like everyone.

ak87 August 2, 2020

@rush right?! I had wanted to go on a weekend cruise for my birthday this month.. it would be my first if I had (not that any are available here) now I am reconsidering ever going on one!

ak87 August 2, 2020

@snorks I do understand where you are coming from, but it’s not as simple as “the government telling us what we have to wear”. They aren’t doing it to infringe upon our human rights, in fact they are doing it to protect our human rights - the right to live a safe and healthy life. They are doing it to save lives, not to be a$$holes. And it’s only under emergency orders, once the country is declared pandemic free (hopefully sometime in the next 6-12 months, for all our sakes!) those emergency orders are discarded because of the order they were made under.

It’s exactly the same as if we were under attack and we were ordered to stay indoors, or better yet, told to cover our bodies as fully as possible to avoid some kind of radiation (honestly not sure how that would work, but it’s the closest example I can think of to the masks), people wouldn’t flout the rules and risk their lives if that was the case, but they are now?! 
People were literally panic buying masks during the bushfires, but now that they HAVE to wear them, they have an issue with it?! It’s unbelievable.

Alz August 30, 2019

As someone who has suffered on and off (I say on and off as I haven’t always suffered from it, but always have it) with mental illness my entire adult life (and then some), I know now I can’t survive without psychologists. I would see one when things were bad then stop when things were good. This meant my BPD2 went undiagnosed until I was 31 when I finally saw my psychologist when I was doing well too. I realise now they aren’t just there for the crisis and they can know you much better if they see you in the good times as well as the bad. I’m very lucky to have been given funding for extra visits this year through a victim support organisation so I can see my psychologist every 2-3 weeks without having to worry about if I can afford it (at $120 a session there’s no way I could even afford monthly after my 10 Medicare sessions were up!) but if you can space out sessions outside of crisis times to once a month (take off December/jan of you can, being such busy times for most people anyway) when you are doing well, you will be amazed at how much seeing a psychologist even in good times helps! It also means when you reach a crisis 1. It’s not hard to get in to see them and 2. They recognise it sometimes before you do!

Alz August 28, 2019

I assure you, height restrictions don’t stop this happening!
My mum somehow convinced me when we went to wonderland for my 9th birthday, that the pirate ship at the end of wonderland was different to the one at the start and this one didn’t go all the way around. I easily met the height restriction!
But when the ride started going upside down, because I was so skinny (how I wish I had that build still) I started slipping! I was sure I was going to fall out of it which is why I screamed. My mum thought my screaming was hilarious not realising it wasn’t just the going upside down but I honestly felt like I was going to fall out and die. It didn’t make my mum irresponsible taking me on it, I was at least a good 7cm over the height restriction. I just didn’t have enough body fat to fill out the gap between the seat and the harness, they don’t alert you to things like that!

I went back years later and went on the pirate ship 5+ times with my friends not scared at all, because I didn’t literally lift out of my seat.

Alz August 19, 2019

Wow! Thankfully they never used our speeches as a reason to pass or not pass the class! But I totally agree! Even in uni I was petrified of presentation assignments, thankfully though they were always group assignments so it was much less daunting AND if you have a fear of public speaking most of the teachers at uni will allow you to do the speech just in front of them if it’s a solo presentation.

Alz August 19, 2019

I completely understand and agree! I almost drowned in kindergarten at an excursion to a beach and then again in year 6 when I was forced to participate in a 100m race having never had swimming lessons. An adult literally had to jump in the pool fully clothed to save me. The humiliation and bullying that followed that was unbelievable.

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