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ak87 September 4, 2021

I personally find Jack Pearson somewhat problematic given the alcoholism, they have a romanticised version of him in their memories which is quite common after death. During his alcoholism he was far from a good dad..

ak87 September 3, 2021

@msd which is literally how the NSW outbreak which has spread the entire east coast of Australia’s main land started, patient zero technically didn’t do anything wrong. Some people don’t even show symptoms at all and are only diagnosed after being named as being at a transmission location. 

We still don’t know how it spread here into the ACT other than genomic testing shows it came from western Sydney, given logistical transport simply can’t be shut down, the country wouldn’t function without it, we can clearly see (from the Logan situation) how easily it can cross borders even with people doing the right thing. 
I think it’s time the government makes rapid testing more readily available, particularly for essential workers; even if it catches only say 20%-50% of cases early enough to isolate without being in the community while infectious, surely that better than none at all, especially with NSW high daily case numbers? 

ak87 August 27, 2021

@rush you can train your hair and lockdown is the perfect time to do it if you aren’t an essential worker. It feels super gross to start with, but your natural oils adjust pretty quickly. Your hair is only oily because you strip the natural oils so regularly it’s actually your bodies way of saying you wash too frequently. It probably started as a kid, your parents washed your hair every day thinking it was the right thing and instilled in you the need to wash daily?

I went from washing daily to once a fortnight over a month on holiday in qld during summer when I was younger. I have curly hair and the difference it made to my ends, wow. Start out just Wednesday and Sunday for the first 2 weeks, then stretch it out to longer. As a hairdresser, I promise it is possible to stretch out to a week, it is possible and I helped clients do it who literally looked like they dipped their hair in vegetable oil after 24hrs to start with (including my own mother who resisted for months until she realised how healthy my hair was). If you don’t have dry/curly ends once a week is plenty, the drier the ends the longer the better. A good quality shampoo and conditioner helps. Chuck it up in a bun and leave it (it helps you resist the urge to wash), it will probably get super itchy, scratch as much as you want but resist the urge to wash. 

ak87 August 19, 2021

Daycares are open for essential workers and vulnerable families, id say if you are at risk of a mental breakdown that classifies you snd your child as vulnerable. As someone who has been hospitalised twice for mental health, daycare was literally a lifeline and the staff were amazing.

ak87 August 15, 2021

The midwives in the hospital told me my newborn didn’t need a bath any more than once a week unless there were physical signs of being dirty (ie poosplosion), until they could walk. 

ak87 August 14, 2021

@osheamatthew that would be covered under the intimate partners thing (so yes, they can visit)

ak87 August 10, 2021

@random dude because as women we are intrinsically taught if we speak up our lives will be made miserable or we’ll lose what we have. The ONLY time I spoke up to the only terrible boss I have had, she wrote in my termination letter that I argued with her as a reason for termination.. there was no HR department to appeal etc, standing up for myself literally got me fired.

ak87 August 6, 2021

It’s great that the team are spoiling themselves, but given over half the population is in lockdown, so many without guaranteed future employment that the timing of this is so wrong, read the room next time guys

ak87 August 6, 2021

@noone right? Even when I was in my early 20s and living at home so all my income was disposable I thought spend $50 on a pair of jeans and $100 on a jacket (which I still own 14 years later) was an insane amount! I’m currently contemplating a cotton on oodie knockoff (and they have been on sale recently) and haven’t been able to bring myself to spend the $50 on something I know I will wear literally daily!

ak87 August 6, 2021


ak87 August 6, 2021

@rush mecca lit from within primer does both, it’s an illuminated primer 😉 I have used it for years now as it’s a moisturising primer rather than silicone-y and recently did this trend without even knowing I was doing a trend (hadn’t seen it until today). 

I’ve been mixing my foundation, face oil (super dry winter skin) and lit from within primer and applying in one layer, if I could post a pic I would show you a before vs after. My skin feels nicer now than a week ago when I hadn’t worn makeup in months!

ak87 August 6, 2021

@alix12 I’ve never used a primer that is tacky? BB creams give the more dewy and light completion, many foundations are full coverage, which means there is no such things as a ‘light’ layer, they can end up super patchy and uneven. Putting everything on in one layer vs each layer having to wait for it to soak in is time saving therefore a hack..

I honestly hadn’t seen this until today and for the past fortnight I have been applying my foundation with a face oil and my mecca lit from within primer all together rather than layer upon one another and the finish I got was much nicer and more natural looking, I got so many compliments. My skin is really dry at the moment and applying in usual order just ended up in me wiping patches away and trying again and ending up with sore skin, doing what I have been doing and my skin actually feels moisturised again. I don’t know how or why, but it works.

ak87 August 1, 2021

All well and good for someone who has hundreds of dollars to spend on them all, but a $10 and $100 both do the job is use right..

ak87 July 28, 2021

@cat it helped in Victoria?? How would it not help in Sydney? In NSW essential work includes unnecessary retail, we even had that closed down in the ACT in our only wave. There are at least 20 unlinked transmissions each day, which is from people being out and about, so limiting how far you can go to 5km (which still gives literally everyone in Sydney access to essential shops) to at least attempt to control things when you shouldn’t be leaving your house other than for essential work, groceries or exercise anyway is unacceptable how??

ak87 July 28, 2021

@grumpier monster that’s great in theory, but when there are 10,000+ Classified close contacts per day, I’m not sure it’s a viable option. At the start of an outbreak where case numbers are less than 50 sure, I 100% agree and I would be willing to do it daily outbreak or not if it became necessary (for me personally, it wouldn’t, but I’d be willing), but it is impossible in a situation like now, all frontline staff are stretched to the limits as it is, postal wouldn’t work as there’s no way it would reach them in time and they are meant to isolate unless symptoms appear anyway so no way of collecting the tests without risking spread as they may as well be getting the normal test which is far more accurate if they are leaving their house. It’s possible for transport workers as they can establish checkpoints etc, but in the sense you are talking about, it’s logistically impossible.

ak87 July 28, 2021

@cat unfortunately her position is a government one before a medical one and if she doesn’t do what the government tells her to, she can lose that position quite easily and be forced into ‘leaving due to personal matters’.

ak87 July 26, 2021

@mchris2 some people need that human interaction to be productive, for example, I tried a semester of uni online, I didn’t even get 3 weeks into it without giving up. I was far more productive at uni having somewhere else physically to go and have people in person giving me that motivation. This past year I have been lucky enough not to have been in lockdown at all because of where I live (we had mini lockdown at the start of the pandemic) but I had the option to work from home if my physical health needed it, those days I was half as productive as I was on days in the office, I had no one ‘watching over me’ to keep me on track. Yes, I’m an adult and I have succeeded in many areas of my personal life, but in my professional life, in the role I am in I am still learning and I feel I need that supervision, that encouragement and accountability given in person, I read too much into emails or IM’s. Human beings are designed as social creatures, we thrive being around other people (moreso with people we like) so it’s pretty natural to crave human interaction particularly when we don’t have it.

ak87 July 21, 2021

@ashleighrae I have another disability myself too but even though it affects my daily life because I hadn’t been hospitalised or needed to see a specialist in the 12 months prior to applying it wasn’t approved 😒 my mental health one was approved in less than a week because I had just got out of hospital for mental health related issues. Thankfully I can get some of the supports for my other disability though under mental health as they cross over a bit. I’m glad you are already applying though, it’s a tedious process but worth it in the end.

ak87 July 21, 2021

@meg Poor nurses... They've never been more celebrated and validated!
 you think that’s why nurses go into the job? To have to work the ridiculous hours they work, get paid the pittance they get paid for what they do (which is literally keep people alive) in hopes a pandemic comes along so people will validate them? They get their validation daily no matter what. Either you’ve never been to hospital other than maybe for birthing, or you have no heart. I on the other hand have spent most of my life in hospital, doctors may do the surgeries or ‘call the shots’ but they are on a ward/with a patient no more than 20mins a day outside of an operating room, the nurses are the ones that do the work, they deserve far more than a bit of a clap for working during a pandemic, sacrificing themselves and their families daily.
Nurses looking after covid patients are quite literally watching people die and not being able to help them, in other countries it’s over and over every day, which will be the case here too if we ‘open up’. There won’t be room for traumas and life threatening conditions, or kids that have put something in an orifice they shouldn’t have.
Sacrificing hundreds and thousands of literal lives for jobs that may not even exist in a few years pandemic or not is inhumane. Just look at other countries who do have ‘good’ vaccination rates opening too soon, hundreds even thousands of people still continue to die daily because they didn’t wait long enough.
My parents lost everything when my stepdad got cancer, but I would much rather have him back here over anything materialistic. I have been homeless through no fault of my own twice, once with an infant, once with a school age child and newborn, both times I had to go interstate to survive, but I was able to pick up the pieces and move on, not bitch about it not being my fault and it being unfair. Sometimes life isn’t fair and you lose everything, pandemic or not, but saying you’d prefer to sacrifice lives than lose what materialistic stuff you have? I’m not even going to say how that makes one look. People are still literally living in tents after bushfires destroyed everything they had, but they aren’t complaining anywhere near as much as city folk who ‘don’t want to be told what to do’.

ak87 July 19, 2021

Personally I find the cave of wonders cake the best so far.