A quick reminder of why Andrew G changed his name to Osher.

A few years ago, Osher Günsberg appeared on Australian television screens with excellent hair and a rose in hand.

There’s no denying the charm of The Bachelor host, but there was something that niggled at viewers… the absence of another stalwart TV personality.

As you might remember, Osher was once known as Andrew G, a host on Channel V and Australian Idol. So what exactly happened to him?

Osher revealed the story behind his name change in a lengthy Facebook post in the middle of last year.

As it’s Bach season, we figured we ought to take another look.

Basically, he was on holidays in Tel Aviv, Israel when he met a revered Shaman who explained to him the power of a name.

“He had a vocabulary of about one hundred words of English, and had known me for about two minutes before he asked me my name, my mother’s name, my birthday, place of birth and time of birth,” Osher wrote.

“Even with his limited of English, he proceeded to tell me in astonishing detail exactly what kind of person I was at every birthday.

“Down to what kind of friends I had, how long they were in my life, times when I fell in love, out of love, how I lived, my fears and joys, times I had nearly died – it was incredible.”

At the end, the Shaman told him: “Change the energy around your name, you will change your life, and change your path.”

Listen: Mia Freedman interviews Osher Gunsberg on the No Filter podcast. (Post continues after audio.)


So he did. The name Osher chose came from “a Calvin-Klein ad looking ex-commando cameraman” he’d worked with in Israel who was “so cool that he made Brando look like a hobo.”

“So that’s what I went with. I didn’t have to tell anyone this was now my name — I just had to know it was my name.”

And that’s the story. You can read the whole message here.

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(Never forget.)

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