Celeb in 5: Friday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Oprah didn’t recognise Leonardo DiCaprio at Ellen Degeneres’ 60th birthday and we adore her for it.

There’s famous and then there’s not recognising Leonardo DeCaprio level famous. Oprah falls into the latter category. Naturally.

Both stars were celebrating Ellen DeGeneres’ 60th birthday when Oprah bumped into the actor/vegan/general hunk of a guy and couldn’t quite put a face to the name.

She’s only human guys…

You can watch Oprah talk about the moment below:

Video via The Ellen Show

Speaking about the moment on The Ellen Show, she said, “I know it’s somebody, I know it’s somebody, I know it’s somebody… Is it Justin Timberlake?”

“So when I was doing my show famous people came on and looked like themselves. At your party? They’re all disguised.”

However, Oprah being Oprah watched and waited.

Clearly holding hands at the 2016 Critics' Choice Movie Awards was not a memorable moment for her. Image: Getty.

Explaining the moment in detail, she said that when singer The Weekend complimented Leo on a film he was in, Leo replied with, "No, that wasn't a good a film for me, it wasn't a favourite film I did." Not missing a beat, Oprah then asked him casually, "So what was your favourite film?"

To which he replied The Aviator - AKA the 2004 Oscar award-winning film with Cate Blanchett and Kate Beckinsale.

And all was solved.

Unfortunately her trick doesn't exactly work outside a room of famous actors, but hey, you do you Oprah. You do you.

2. Congratulations are in order for Rachel McAdams, who is expecting her first child.


Congratulations may well be in order for Rachel McAdams, who is reportedly expecting her first baby.

E! News reports "multiple" sources close to the actor have confirmed the news, after she did not attend Wednesday's premiere of Game Night.

The especially private 39-year-old is believed to be dating screenwriter Jamie Linden, who penned the script for Dear John. They were last pictured together in 2016 and haven't ever appeared on a red carpet together but, well, that's the best we got. McAdams herself doesn't have social media which makes the whole investigation into Project McAdams Baby that tiny bit more difficult.


She has in the past expressed a desire for children - no doubt the result of over zealous reporters wondering why a woman over 30 hasn't yet procreated!?!?! - so we imagine she's pretty stoked with the news.

Happy days.

3. The sneaky little Married At First Sight screenshot that might reveal Davina's fate on the show.

MAFS Davina
Image: Channel Nine.

Someone in the editing room at Channel Nine is possibly sweating over their job right now.

It seems like a promo for Married At First Sight shown during its companion show Talking Married, has reportedly mistakenly revealed Davina Rankin's decision at the next commitment ceremony.


According to the Daily Mail, the teaser briefly shows a flash of Davina showing her card, which will have either 'leave' or 'stay'. A screenshot of that promo reportedly showed the word 'leave' written on Davina's card.

Then again, it may have been photoshopped.

Devoted fans unfortunately can't go back and check because - red flag - it's been deleted from the online version of the Talking Married episode.

Fishy, no?

Why delete a promo if there's nothing unusual to see here.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Davina is the most unlikeable MAFS contestant yet, if you don't mind us saying so. Clare and Jessie Stephens discuss. Post continues after audio.

4. The Crown’s Claire Foy has split from her husband of four years.

Image: Getty.

In sad celebrity break-up news, The Crown's Claire Foy has separated from her husband of four years, Stephen Campbell-Moore.

In a statement to The Mirror, the pair said, "We have separated and have been for some time."

"We do however continue as great friends with the utmost respect for one another."

This comes just weeks after Foy, who plays Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix's hit period drama, shared that she and her husband privately dealt with his brain tumour diagnosis while she was filming the show's second season.

The couple have a two-year-old daughter, Ivy Rose.

5. Kylie Jenner just cost Miranda Kerr's husband $1.7 billion with a single tweet.

There are very few people in the world that could do $1.7 billion worth of damage with one tweet, but 20-year-old Kylie Jenner is one of them.

After the new mum decided that Snapchat is so over on Twitter, let's just say the social media platform's stocks took a considerable tumble.


Just a friendly reminder: she did that with just 280 characters.

Yeah... we know.

Click the link to read more about the Kylie Jenner Snapchat drama.

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