Claire Foy is excited to attend the Emmys and only new mums will truly understand why.

Between bath time, meal time, play time, bed time, quality time, relationship time and work time, things for new mums are usually more than a little exhausting.

But according to Netflix star Claire Foy, who plays Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, that simply makes leaving home to head to awards season in Los Angeles all the more enjoyable.

“I live in London and I have a child, so getting on a transatlantic flight and having my hair and makeup done and getting to wear a beautiful dress and have a night out is amazing,” the 33-year-old told PEOPLE this week ahead of the 2017 Emmy Awards.

“It’ll be magic – aside from the jet lag!”

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Because like all mothers, even those who sadly don’t have a personal stylist and #glamsquad at the ready, sometimes you just need to down tools, wash your hair and put on something that isn’t made of lycra, damn it.

Foy crazily signed onto The Crown and began filming just four months after she gave birth in February 2015. Because who needs rest when you can work, right?

“I’m an idiot – such a huge idiot!” Foy said on The Graham Norton Show in November.

“I didn’t really think about it at the time, but I was a lunatic; I was mad. I was breastfeeding and trying to be The Queen. It was an odd thing to do.”

Appearing alongside her co-star Matt Smith (who plays Prince Philip in the series), Foy joked, “Matt knows the sound [of the breast pump] because every morning in the makeup chair, I’d be there like a cow”.

claire foy 2017 emmy awards
Season 2 of The Crown is set to commence filming in the coming months. Source: Getty.

She continued, "And without fail, someone would say, 'Someone’s phone is going! I can hear someone's phone going,' and I'd be like, 'no, no. It's just me,'’” she said laughing. "I made a lot of milk during that job."

The Crown is nominated for 13 Emmys this year.