Married At First Sight's Tracey texted Davina and it did not go well.

The Dean/Davina/Tracey/Ryan love quadrangle on Married At First Sight is the gift that keeps on giving.

During what can only be described as a disastrous dinner party on last night’s episode, the couple once again came face-to-face with Davina and Ryan, 29, as well as all of the other couples, who, to be fair, all looked like they’d lost the will to live, as they were forced to watch the four of them sling swear words and insults at each other across the dinner table.

WATCH: Dean and Ryan butted heads at Wednesday night’s dinner party on Married At First Sight. Post continues after video.

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Tracey tried to speak to Davina after the dinner party, but it didn’t go well.

“That was an epic fail of a conversation, wasn’t it? I’m not a confrontational person and I didn’t want to do it front of the group, because it’s between me and Davina, so I did pull her aside for the chat and it just fell on deaf ears,” she said in an interview with 2DayFM.

“I realised that halfway through and I thought, ‘I’m just wasting my time here.’ I mean, all I wanted was an apology. That’s what I deserve, and I certainly didn’t get it.”

Clearly a glutton for punishment, the 34-year-old says she tried to reach out to Davina yet again again when the cameras weren’t around, only to be met with the sound of tumbleweeds blowing through open paddocks.

“I did text her to say, ‘Are you okay?’ because it’s not nice, the amount of bullying and backlash. So, yeah, I did message her and say, ‘I hope you’re okay.’ No response. So I don’t think I’ll be messaging her again,” she confessed.


“I’m being the bigger person.”

But the plot thickens, because during a day of interviews with the media yesterday, the 39-year-old Dean tried to downplay his headline-making affair with Davina, 26, and hinted that he and Tracey are still together, despite it all.

Speaking about the dinner party from hell – seriously, we would have rather cut other people’s toenails than endure that – Dean described it as “one of the most difficult nights of my life.” Ours too.

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Tellingly, he then went on to thank Tracey for sticking by him, prompting the entire nation to scream, “Gurrrrrrl! What are you even doing?!”

“@traceyjewel_ify you are one of the most amazing people Ive [sic] ever met in my life and you constantly inspire me,” he wrote on Instagram.

“No, no, no I definitely didn’t [have sex with Davina] – we didn’t even kiss,” he told KIIS FM.

“Everything that you saw, that’s all there was.”

He then went on to call Davina ‘scary.’ That’s right, tell your kids there’s a new boogieman in town.

“Tracey and I had another amazing conversation. To be honest, Davina is a lovely girl but she kind of scared me off with that conversation. She came on really strong and she said she wanted to marry me in real life, I mean, she didn’t really know me.”

Tracey also hinted all had been forgiven during a chat with 2DayFM, which is, well, we don’t know how to feel right now…

“These situations are so complicated, and it’s such a pressure cooker situation,” she said.

“You don’t obviously see everything that happens 24/7 when we’re together. He does own his mistakes. Eventually he gets there. He’s just a bit of a caveman… He doesn’t always think with his head. But we did have a connection from our wedding day, and I guess with my rose-coloured glasses, I was still hanging onto that connection.”

Sorry, what?

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