Olympia Valance wants you to know she's nothing like her sister.

Olympia Valance might have followed in her big sister Holly's footsteps career-wise, but she has made it clear they are nothing alike.

The actress and model has just wrapped up her time on The Summit — Nine's latest reality TV competition series — and is now on a press tour where she discussed their differences.

In March, older sister Holly Valance slammed Australia for being too "woke" and called climate activist Greta Thunberg a "demonic little gremlin" during a tell-all interview with GB News. 

Since then, Olympia has made an effort to distance herself from Holly, but told HIT WA's Allan & Carly on Thursday: "My sister and I have very, very different political views."

"It was like, 'Oh my God' when she said all that stuff. I'm like: 'Oh God! Everyone's going to think that's what I think!' And I don't," she continued. 

"She has the right to say the things that she wants to say... but yes, that's not my opinion on anything."

Watch: Holly and Olympia Valance on 30 years of Neighbours. Post continues after video. 

Video via Channel 10.

In her now-viral interview, Holly also said she would "never" move back to Australia. 

"The Australia I grew up in was unreal. It was so fun and we didn't seem to have all these problems," she said.

"The woke stuff's really gone big in Australia."

Holly and Olympia Valance in 2023. Image: Instagram/@olympiavalance


It felt like a far cry from the fresh-faced 16-year-old Australia was introduced to in 1999 when Holly landed her major role as 'Felicity Scully' on Neighbours. 

She became a household name and even pursued a short-lived music career including the hit 2002 single 'Kiss Kiss' and a cover of Turkish singer Tarkan's 'Şımarık'.

Two albums later, Holly gave up on music and decided to move to the US to pursue her acting career. But by 2011, she went off the radar bar the rare appearance.

In 2012, she married billionaire Nick Candy.

Holly Valance and Nick Candy. Image: Getty.


Olympia, who is 10 years younger, followed closely in Holly's footsteps — joining Neighbours 12 years after she left. 

In 2014, she told Adelaide Now that she had to go through a long audition process, meaning Holly didn't assist in her securing the role.

"It is very exciting and Holly has been incredibly supportive and super proud of me getting the role," she said at the time.

"It's been great and she can't wait to see me on Ramsay Street."

Sadly, Holly missed her sister's June 2022 wedding as she tested positive for COVID-19. 

"I got COVID five days before," she said, per the Daily Mail Australia"I could barely walk that day and literally cancelled my flight three hours before. It was a bit devastating."

Olympia Valance and Thomas Bellchambers. Image: Getty.


While these days we rarely get insight into how close the sisters are, they did briefly reunite for Olympia's honeymoon in Greece back in June 2022 — which was also around the same time as the Neighbours finale. 

"WOW. So that’s it, the last episode ever of Neighbours. What an end of an era for us all. Big love from Greece, Flick and Paige," Olympia captioned a photo of them.

Feature Image: Instagram @olympiavalance.

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