Why everyone is talking about Holly Valance's new interview.

Holly Valance has no plans to move back to "woke" Australia.

The former Neighbours actress, who lives in London with her billionaire husband, Nick Candy, and two kids, told GB News’ Chopper’s Political Podcast that her home country has "all these problems" and has become a "nanny state".

"The Australia I grew up in was unreal. It was so fun and we didn't seem to have all these problems... the woke stuff's really gone big in Australia," she said.

Valance added: "I’m still getting the fines from Victoria every few months for not voting... [the] general nanny state fine you for breathing."

To drive home her point about Australia's "woke culture", the 'Kiss Kiss' singer brought up "the stuff they're teaching in school".

"I don't think sexuality and children should be in the same sentence. I don't think anyone's sexuality is anyone's business. You don't know about mine. I don't know about yours. Why would we?"

Valance called out climate activist Greta Thunberg for being one of the reasons this generation of children is struggling. 

"I don't understand why you have this, like, demonic little gremlin high priestess of climatism as the goddess in classrooms, Greta [Thunberg]," she said.

"All the kids are all coming home with depression and anxiety.

"Why would you go to your music lesson or bother doing your homework or get out of your bed if you think we're all going to be dead in five years anyway?"

The singer then shared her support for brothers, Christian and Andrew Tate, who have been charged with human trafficking and rape. 


"You’ve got people like the Tate brothers, who get demonised in schools oddly, they get mentioned a lot, as being these terrible people for telling guys to get up, go to the gym, eat well, work hard, look after your family, look after your lady – it’s a traditional kind of thing," Valance said.

“Why do we glorify a Greta, who is odd and giving children no hope?" she asked.

This isn't the first time Valance has spoken about her political views. Here's a look back at her life up until now.

Her beginnings on Neighbours.

Australia first met Holly Valance on Neighbours back in 1999. For three years, the young actress played Felicity Jane "Flick" Scully on the hit TV soap opera. She later made a cameo appearance in the show's 20th anniversary episode in 2005. 

As her first acting gig, Valance said she was thrown straight into the deep end of the show.

"No amount of training could prepare you for the workload and the schedule," she told British breakfast show host Lorraine Kelly in 2015. 

"You go on with the best work ethic afterwards because you know your hours and how on it you have to be and there's 40 pages to learn every night when you get home as your homework."

Holly Valance on Neighbours. Image: Channel 10. 


After Neighbours, Valance continued to act, landing small roles in CSI: NY, Prison Break and Moonlight. In 2008 she played the role of Sheerah in the film Taken alongside Liam Neeson. 

Three years later, she took part in British ballroom dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing, where she placed fourth. 

Her music career. 

After leaving Neighbours in 2002, the actress decided to pursue a career in music and launched her debut single 'Kiss Kiss'.

The song went straight to number one and ended up being nominated for four ARIA Music Awards in 2002.

The following year, she released her second album State of Mind. But it didn't perform as well and ended up peaking at number 14 in Australia. 


According to news.com.au, Valance was then reportedly dropped from her recording company following alleged legal problems and poor sales. But the singer later denied it saying, "I asked to be released, but Warner refused, so I hung out for a year until the contract expired. We parted on good terms."

She later told Men’s Style Magazine that she was no longer interested in recording music.

"I do something until it’s not fun anymore and then move on. Music wasn’t fun anymore."

Her marriage to billionaire property developer Nick Candy. 

Valance met British billionaire property developer Nick Candy in late 2009 at a mutual friend's dinner party. At the time, Valance had been living in Los Angeles for five years and later moved to London to be with Candy. 

"I spent a lot of time (in London) in 2009 and completely fell in love with the city again – and I fell in love with someone. It has been hard living on different continents," she told Confidential.

Nick and his brother Christian are known for creating the ultra-lavish £150 million apartment block One Hyde Park in London, and they also manage a list of high-profile clients including sheikhs, oil billionaires, and Kylie Minogue.

The pair later tied the knot in 2012 in a fairytale wedding in Beverly Hills, alongside 300 of their family and friends including Simon Cowell.

Holly Valance and her husband Nick Candy. Image: Getty. 


Speaking to the Made by Mammas podcast, Valance said it can be "tricky" to deal with Candy's busy work life. 

"He worked on Christmas Day and even the day we practised our vows with the priest he took a call in the middle of it," she said. 

"He was like: 'Got to take this sorry guys!' I was like, 'We’re at the altar practicing our vows!' So that’s who I married, I know that." 

In 2017, the 38-year-old found herself caught up in $229 million (AUD) lawsuit which alleged that her husband and his brother participated in blackmail, extortion and intimidation against entrepreneur Mark Holyoake. 


The claim was later thrown out by London’s High Court. 

"Ain't that somethin'! You lose. On Every. Single. Claim!" Valance tweeted at the time. 

A year later, the former Neighbours actress and her husband were rubbing shoulders with royals when they scored an invite to Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

Holly Valance and her husband Nick Candy. Image: Getty. 


Her life now.

These days, Valance lives a relatively private life away from the public eye and is now a mum to two girls, Luka and Nova. 

The actress spoke to the Made by Mammas podcast in 2019 about her transition into motherhood, after giving birth to Luka in 2013. 

"At the beginning with Luka I thought it was absolutely terrifying, it’s like the best and worst thing to ever happen to you," she said. 

"It’s terrifying. You’re exploding with love but you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re absolutely exhausted and fumbling around just trying to survive."

Valance said parenthood forums helped her realise she was not alone. 


"Thank god for those websites where you can read what other mothers are going through on those forums because I just thought I was a freak."

She went on to explain that her second pregnancy with Nova, who she gave birth to in 2017, was a "bit easier".

"[The first time] I had a feeling of grief, which is weird when somebody has just been born because I was grieving my old self," she said.

"Holly had gone and now I’m just someone’s food source. You are still you underneath it all you just have to get to know yourself again."

Outside of her family, Valance continues to work as a media personality and Disability Rights International ambassador in the UK. 

Valance has recently spoken more openly about her political views.

Speaking to GB News last month, she said her perspective has evolved.

"Everyone starts off as a leftie and then wakes up at some point after you start making money, working, trying to run a business, trying to buy a home and then realise what crap ideas they all are. And then you go to the right."

This article was originally published on July 4, 2023 and has since been updated with new information.

Feature Image: GB News.

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