The story that proves the Nicole theory of friendship is 100% true.


So here’s a fact: Every female friendship group has a ‘Nicole’.

Her name might not literally be Nicole, but there’s always a Nicole.

Australian comedian Geraldine Hickey put forward the ‘Nicole’ friendship theory during her set at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

“My biggest fear with travel though is travelling in a group with no leader,” she says.

Hickey panics when she’s around people who just “want to do whatever anyone else wants to do…” or are happy to “go with the flow” or just keep repeating “I’m easy…”


That attitude just won’t do.

LISTEN: Every woman knows a ‘Nicole’. Post continues…

And that, Hickey says, is why every group needs a Nicole.

“Nicole comes in and she’s like: ‘Righto girls, this is what we’re doing! Buffet finishes at 10, you want to get there before 9:30, that’s when they stop cooking the pancakes, you want to get in on those pancakes, they’re good pancakes.

“The first bus leaves from the hotel at 10:15, we’re going to be on that bus for a morning of shopping.

“I booked us in for lunch at this place. Here’s the menu if you want to have a look so you know what to order before we get there.’”

Nicole is organised, she’s efficient, she’s productive.

There is precisely nothing Nicole hasn’t thought of.

“If you’re wondering who Nicole is…” Hickey continues, speaking to her live audience, “If you’re here in a group, Nicole booked the tickets.”

You can watch Geraldine Hickey’s musings on Nicole, right here. 

The Nicole theory of friendship, however, was just a theory.

Until now.

You see, last week a man named Carlos Zetina met a woman from Holland named Nicole. Nicole, a student from the University of Calgary, had a conversation with Carlos at a bar, and gave him her number.

But when Carlos tried to contact Nicole, it turned out she had “accidentally” given Carlos the wrong number.

What a shame!

She definitely meant to give him the right one!

Don’t you hate it when you mistakenly get your own number wrong. 

That's so weird... I've never done that.

Anywho, Carlos, being completely non-creepy and exercising only a healthy level of stalkerness, decided it would be reasonable to email every single Nicole at the University of Calgary. In a group email.

But Carlos hadn't just emailed any group of women. He'd emailed Nicoles. Literally, but, it would also appear, figuratively.

The Nicoles started replying to each other, sharing some friendly banter. "Should we all say we’re the real Nicole?" joked one, while another wrote, "Will the real Nicole please stand up?"

Classic Nicoles.

Then one Nicole, a communications student at the university, noticed something. "We all have similar personalities and we all kind of clicked," she told Buzzfeed News.

"We joked that we should have a Nicole network within the university."

Of course, it wasn't a joke. Because these are Nicoles.

That night, they decided to go out for drinks, and now they have a 'Nicole from Last Night' Facebook group.


Eventually, Carlos' actual Nicole was located - and said she hadn't yet memorised her Canadian phone number, but was very happy to get back in touch with Carlos, which kinda sounds like a lie but okay.

Something tells us she was far more excited to have met a group of fellow Nicoles, who will no doubt have very regular catch ups, in an extremely organised fashion, and CHANGE THE GODDAMN WORLD with their collective Nicole power.