The 'Nicole' friendship theory might just be the truest thing we've ever heard.


Every female friendship group has a ‘Nicole’.

Not literally, of course. They might be named Danielle. Or Nama. Or Ruby.

But they’re the Nicole. 

Australian comedian Geraldine Hickey put forward the ‘Nicole’ friendship theory during her set at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

“My biggest fear with travel though is travelling in a group with no leader,” she says.

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Hickey panics when she’s around people who just “want to do whatever anyone else wants to do…” or are happy to “go with the flow” or just keep repeating “I’m easy…”


That attitude just won’t do.

And that, Hickey says, is why every group needs a Nicole.

“Nicole comes in and she’s like: ‘Righto girls, this is what we’re doing! Buffet finishes at 10, you want to get there before 9:30, that’s when they stop cooking the pancakes, you want to get in on those pancakes, they’re good pancakes.

“The first bus leaves from the hotel at 10:15, we’re going to be on that bus for a morning of shopping.

“I booked us in for lunch at this place. Here’s the menu if you want to have a look so you know what to order before we get there.'”

You can watch Geraldine Hickey’s musings on Nicole, right here. 

And Nicole goes on.

She’s happy to accommodate you if you’d like to go snorkelling today, but you will need to put it in the communal Facebook group she’s set up for organisational purposes.

If anyone’s worried about getting lost, Nicole has you covered. She will be wearing a bright pink top, and she’ll always be waving a big stick with a scarf tied to the end.


There is precisely nothing Nicole hasn’t thought of.

“If you’re wondering who Nicole is…” Hickey continues, speaking to her live audience, “If you’re here in a group, Nicole booked the tickets.”

There is no such thing as a female friendship group without a Nicole, because she is the glue that brings us all together.

Nicole books the restaurant. She orders for the table. She informs the waitstaff of everyone’s dietary requirements. She makes sure you remember the reunion coming up in July.

If you’re going on holidays, Nicole found the very best deal. She brings the enthusiasm but also the itinerary. Her good friend Judith told her you absolutely need to see a landmark three hours away, so she’s hired a car.

Without Nicole, you’d wake up at 3pm, with no idea where/who you were, and then just walk around in circles like a dog chasing it’s tail.

And she knows that. 

The greatest injustice, of course, is that Nicole doesn’t receive nearly the appreciation she deserves. Planning the lives of her friends is a full time job, and when everything goes smoothly without even the slightest hiccup, most people don’t consider how much work went into making something look so easy.

Let’s have a moment to truly appreciate the Nicole’s in our lives.

Because, damn. She always knows exactly what time the buffet closes, and if that’s not the most important quality in a friend – then I don’t know what is.

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