The perplexing 'lesson' Nick Cummins learned from being The Bachelor.



We didn’t think this year’s Bachelor could be more of a trainwreck, but it seems there’s been a development.

It’s come from The Honey Badger Guide to Life which we definitely kind of really want to read…ironically (we think?).

The Honey Badger Guide to Life (a piece of literature we never thought would exist), has not only shed light on the meaning of many phrases in Nick Cummins’ vocabulary but it also reveals a a rather… perplexing lesson the former rugby star learnt from his experience as The Bachelor.

It’s not that Osher is obsessed with making up dangerous, complicated and frankly bizarre new sports.

Or that there is such a thing as too many cheeseboards.

Or that you should ‘be true to yourself’ as he candidly explained during his recent Project interview in which we saw the reality star in a new light.


It’s that he now knows how to talk to women without wanting anything from them.

Wait. What?

Us right now.

Are you telling us that pre-Bachelor Nick Cummins only ever spoke to women when he wanted sex 'something' from them?

Was that...a typo?

What about his mum?


Female friends?

The lady at his local coffee shop?

In the chapter, entitled 'women - and not wanting something', Nick describes how he learnt to "sit down and have a yarn with a woman and not be thinking about where it's gonna lead" and "whether it's worthwhile".


"Ultimately, what I really walked away (from The Bachelor) with was how to talk to a girl without wanting anything from them," the 31-year-old penned.

Look - we haven't read the whole thing yet (we had to put it down after reading the sentence "Bali belly turned my back passage into a tap") so we're going to give him the benefit of the doubt. There is a chapter entitled 'feminism' in the book after all.

Perhaps he does go on to clarify what he actually means by this statement.

But if it is what we suspect, and he has finally learnt how to...be a decent guy, basically, I guess we're...glad?