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Nick Cummins issued a final emotional message to Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley.

Nick Cummins’ appearance on The Sunday Project last night was tough viewing.

The normally upbeat larrikin was visibly shaken. He was choked up and looked at moments to be on the brink of tears as he spoke about walking away from The Bachelor without choosing a contestant to be with. This decision resulted in a vicious pile-on from the public and tabloids.

Nick said he had “never been in a mental space as low” as what he was on The Bachelor, especially towards the end of filming for the series.

As the hosts attempted to wrap up the show, Nick interrupted him… He wasn’t done.

There were two important people he had not addressed yet. Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman, his final two bachelorettes who were left bewildered after he told them both he wasn’t ready to commit to them.

“Brittany and Sophie,” he started, addressing them directly while he stared down the camera.

He spoke about how the public and media reaction in the days since the final aired had affected them all, and promised to give them what they’ve been asking for throughout the past fortnight: answers.

“You know I care for you a lot and I said this so many times throughout the show and you saw that I mean it, but this media stuff sometimes, some of these tabloids can get in the way and it’s annoying to think that a natural progression of our friendship has been squashed because of this. Either way, I’m here if you need to call me to get any questions answered and get anything off your chest.”

Earlier in his interview, Nick said he had reached out to both women the week after filming of the finale.


He wrapped things up with some advice for “young blokes” who find themselves in tough situations.

“For the young blokes out there, stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. Follow your heart.”

Taking to Instagram after the interview aired, he thanked the public for their words of support and said he was glad to get everything off his chest.


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Thanks for your support. Be kind to each other! #StayTrue

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