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The truth behind the photos of Nick Cummins and Britt Hockley 'fighting' in public.

Running into your ex unexpectedly in public is awkward and uncomfortable at the best of times, let alone when you have people surrounding you, photographing your exchange.

When photo’s emerged on The Daily Mail of Nick Cummins interacting with one of the final two women he dumped on national television, Brittany Hockley, things looked… tense.

Hands were being thrown around and mouths looked agape in anger, leading many to believe that things between the former couple were not great. Despite Brittany posting to her Instagram Story a video of her smiling next to the Honey Badger, fans weren’t convinced.

A source who witnessed the interaction told The Daily Mail that the music was too loud to determine what was being said between the two, but that “they seemed to be having a heated discussion”.

So to clarify, Brittany Hockley spoke with the Kyle and Jackie O Show on the truth behind the photos.

“He was actually supposed to be in Bali so it was pretty unexpected [that he was there],” Brittany explained to the radio hosts. “Somebody actually told me…Nick’s in Bali and won’t be here.

“Then pow, there he was.”


She continued: “I’ve just seen the photos actually and they do look very heated. But to be honest, I think we were probably discussing whether we should have tacos or burritos for lunch. I don’t think it was very serious at all.

“We actually had a really really good catch-up… it was very civil. It was actually quite nice to see him.”

Kyle Sandilands asked if she’s asked Nick why he didn’t pick her – or anyone – on the show.

“It actually doesn’t matter to me why, because if somebody says to me ‘no it’s not you’ then that’s enough for me,” she responded. “I’m not going to sit there and beg and ask why.”

And as for if Brittany is seeing anyone else, she revealed she hasn’t even gone on a single date since dating Nick Cummins on The Bachelor… which perhaps is because she will be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise?? We can only hope!