The heartbreaking front page image that's making people question the sad state of America.

It’s the front page depicting the sad state of Trump’s America.

The New York Daily News anti-Trump front page is leading Americans to call for change with its front page headlined: “Callous. Soulless. Craven. Trump.”

The New York-based newspaper’s front page features a heartbreaking image of a crying two-year-old girl, in a bid to target President Trump‘s controversial practice of separating migrant children from their parents.

The visibly distraught toddler pictured was photographed while her mother, an asylum seeker from Honduras, was detained at the US-Mexico border.

According to the newspaper’s front page, in just six weeks, nearly 2000 migrant children have been separated from their parents under Trump’s orders.

These children are taken away when their parents are being held by US border patrol.

Despite comments labelling the detentions ‘prison-like‘ – officials insist that the migrant children are currently being kept in decent conditions.

Thousands of the separated migrant children are currently being held in both a tent city and a former Walmart in Texas.

In the article published this week, the New York Daily News attacked Trump’s dishonesty around the controversial immigration policy.

“The only thing worse than the nauseating cruelty of President Trump’s immigration policy – captured perfectly by the agonising stories of young children forcefully being separated from their parents at the border – is the craven dishonesty with which he attempts to sell it to the American people,” the article states.

The article described “dreamers, innocent children, and ordinary Americans who demand sane immigration policies” as being “the casualties of Trump’s sabotage”.

On Twitter, commenters have begun referring to the children’s detention as ‘Trump concentration camps’, with many calling for an end to Trump’s controversial immigration policy.