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feast October 17, 2021

That poor family, I hope they get a good resolution although it's looking doubtful

feast September 27, 2021

Some people forfeit their right to live in society.

feast September 21, 2021

@lisadavis003 because people don't know what they don't know.  Without articles like this highlighting the disparity people would have no idea the disparity exists and sadly more than a few of the media entities that could publish articles like this are the same the push the disparity.

feast September 21, 2021

Is there anything else that can happen to you poor bastards in Melbourne?

feast September 16, 2021

I'm really struggling to understand why you wouldn't talk to the police in his situation.

feast September 12, 2021

Gladys has given up and/or been burnt out.  She won't contest the next election

feast September 6, 2021

This is the other side of cancel culture and the "good" guys also need to be aware of the consequences of their actions and opinions.

Now it is up to them to decide whether they follow their own moral compass, do what is better for the greater community or just follow the money and work out which opinion will keep them the most music buyers.

feast September 2, 2021

Thankfully I live in a state that has avoided all but localised Covid lock downs and has no outbreaks in over a year.   While I understand the financial toll that lack of tourism has done to the state along with the mental toll of not being able to see loved ones I would much prefer that to the overall damage to both that lockdowns and Covid cases  would bring if we open our borders too soon. 

My Premier has my full support in keeping our borders closed until vaccination rates up and think he has read the room of Tasmanian's extremely well.

I am looking forward to when the main reporting shifts from new cases to  new hositalisations as this will be the real indicator that vaccination rates have picked up enough to open borders.  Once enough people are vaccinated cases become irrelevant compared to the severity of those cases.

feast September 2, 2021

@rush I saw something similar.  Most of them are all pro-life until they need to wear a small piece of fabric over their face.

feast August 10, 2021

Put him in a tent outside the hospital to be treated by people who's only medical training is Facebook & Google.

feast May 5, 2021

I on the other hand am supportive of the stance the government has taken.  I understand how hard this must be for you and your family but I also understand the greater impact outbreaks from hotel quarantine can have.  As I understand it (might be wrong) this is a short term delay while they sort out issues with the hotel quarantine system?

feast April 12, 2021

5-6 seconds of holding the gun without realising it wasn't a taser...

I understand we don't always think the best in the heat of the moment but that is a damn long time to be holding a gun without realising it is a gun before you shoot some one.

feast February 22, 2021

Well, don't they all sound like stand up, top quality blokes...

feast February 18, 2021

@laura__palmer The only people saying that are the same ones that would complain no matter what he said.

His statement in no way implied what you think it did unless you are looking for insult.

feast February 18, 2021

@michael Agreed, that's what I find weird about the whole situation. Would you expect a newspaper to pay Harvey Norman to put HN's ads in the paper?

feast February 18, 2021

@david s Really? I've found a sites outside of FB after following a link or article shared on FB that I never would have found otherwise. Some I now visit regularly thanks to FB.

FB's advertising is based around a host of algorithms. Companies can pay to show ad X after you visit sites Y for example. My personal favourite is paying to show an ad for your company after they visit your competitors website or FB pages to attempt to steal their businesses. In general news sites aren't selling anything so the advertising income would be less than those retail type businesses. I'm sure there is some money there but I would think the news sites get the better end of the deal.

feast February 18, 2021

@gypsy Anything he says will annoy the hell out of people, he's the PM.

feast February 17, 2021

@katp Less now it can't be shared in FB to bring people to the site

feast February 17, 2021

I have to say I (mostly) support this move by FB.  

News sites rely on FB to bring in the subscribers, I can understand why expecting FB to pay the news sites to give the news sites business might have upset FB.
That being said, the amount of sites they took down was over the top.  I think they were just trying to make a point.

feast February 17, 2021

Didn't we already cover this last time he used that phrase?

Being a parent brings a different perspective on things but in no way means that you wouldn't care if you weren't a parent.

Before being a parent there were some news stories and or movies I found horrible, since becoming a parent I can no longer read or watch them at all.  This in no way means I did not find them horrible before I was a parent just that it brings it closer to home.