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feast May 5, 2021

I on the other hand am supportive of the stance the government has taken.  I understand how hard this must be for you and your family but I also understand the greater impact outbreaks from hotel quarantine can have.  As I understand it (might be wrong) this is a short term delay while they sort out issues with the hotel quarantine system?

feast April 12, 2021

5-6 seconds of holding the gun without realising it wasn't a taser...

I understand we don't always think the best in the heat of the moment but that is a damn long time to be holding a gun without realising it is a gun before you shoot some one.

feast February 22, 2021

Well, don't they all sound like stand up, top quality blokes...

feast February 18, 2021

@laura__palmer The only people saying that are the same ones that would complain no matter what he said.

His statement in no way implied what you think it did unless you are looking for insult.

feast February 18, 2021

@michael Agreed, that's what I find weird about the whole situation. Would you expect a newspaper to pay Harvey Norman to put HN's ads in the paper?

feast February 18, 2021

@david s Really? I've found a sites outside of FB after following a link or article shared on FB that I never would have found otherwise. Some I now visit regularly thanks to FB.

FB's advertising is based around a host of algorithms. Companies can pay to show ad X after you visit sites Y for example. My personal favourite is paying to show an ad for your company after they visit your competitors website or FB pages to attempt to steal their businesses. In general news sites aren't selling anything so the advertising income would be less than those retail type businesses. I'm sure there is some money there but I would think the news sites get the better end of the deal.

feast February 18, 2021

@gypsy Anything he says will annoy the hell out of people, he's the PM.

feast February 17, 2021

@katp Less now it can't be shared in FB to bring people to the site

feast February 17, 2021

I have to say I (mostly) support this move by FB.  

News sites rely on FB to bring in the subscribers, I can understand why expecting FB to pay the news sites to give the news sites business might have upset FB.
That being said, the amount of sites they took down was over the top.  I think they were just trying to make a point.

feast February 17, 2021

Didn't we already cover this last time he used that phrase?

Being a parent brings a different perspective on things but in no way means that you wouldn't care if you weren't a parent.

Before being a parent there were some news stories and or movies I found horrible, since becoming a parent I can no longer read or watch them at all.  This in no way means I did not find them horrible before I was a parent just that it brings it closer to home.

feast December 13, 2020

I can understand black Americans being hesitant with the some of the crap their government has done in the past by I hope they can get on board to hit herd immunity.

feast November 26, 2020

So, just a quick check here.  You are saying it is OK to put some in a role based on their sexuality, gender, skin colour etc?  OR only if it's the wrong sexuality, gender, skin colour etc?  

feast November 11, 2020

@cat the question is does that get pre-dated to counter decisions already made or only new ones?

feast November 10, 2020

My money is on something big like State Secrets or Presidential pardons to make a mess for Biden so he can say "Look, he can't do it"

I wonder what would happen if he did a bulk pardon of EVERY prisoner who had committed a federal crime in one hit.

feast November 9, 2020

Donald Trump and his team are salespeople and have mastered the art of slogan's and catch phrases.  No, they won't work on everyone but they don't need to, they only need to work on enough.

feast October 29, 2020

@guest2 i agree with you here.  

<Spoiler alert>
I enjoyed the original Pet Sematary growing up and recently as a parent I went to rewatch the remake.  I got about 5 minutes in when a truck drove past the family as they were unpacking and thought "Nope, can't do this" and switched it off.
As a parent I was not able to watch that movie knowing what happens to the kid however prior to being a parent I was able to separate myself from it.

feast October 29, 2020

@anonymous Or when women moan about how useless their husband is?

feast October 28, 2020

Fairly confident that's not what he meant.

Hearing about animal cruelty is horrible.  It is even worse when you have a beloved pet and imagine them in that situation.  It makes the connection closer.   The phrase "As a pet owner" in no way implies they wouldn't feel horrified at animal cruelty if they did not have a pet.
Hearing about a terrorist attack is terrible.  It can be made even worse if you have friends or loved ones near the place it happened as you can picture them there and make the connection closer.  People saying "I have friends there" in no way implies that you wouldn't be horrified if you hadn't, only that it made the connection to the act feel closer as you can picture your friends in harms way.
Hearing about people being assaulted in a foreign country is shocking and brings on empathy.  The phrase "As a father of daughter's" in no way implies you wouldn't feel these things if you didn't,  You can picture your loved ones in that position and it makes the connection to the horrible act more real.

feast October 1, 2020

@rush Shhh, the lasts thing we need is 2020 saying "Hold my beer"

feast October 1, 2020

My first reaction was a chuckle, I know not very nice of me but thinking it through I'm realising there is no good in this situation.
Some of the scenario's :
A) Trump only develops mild symptoms and recovers quickly
- People use this to justify that Covid -19 isn't that bad and no worse then the flu making it even harder for the US to get it under control.
B) Trump develops severe symptoms requiring medical care.
- His supporters demand a delay in the election and riot if it doesn't happen. If the election does go ahead they will declare the result invalid and again, riot.
C) Trump dies as a result.
- His supports will treat him like a martyr. General riots out of principal. Demands to delay the election and hold China accountable.
There are no likely winners out of this.