'I'm a lifestyle writer who's just moved house. Here are 15 items at the top of my new-home wish list.'

As you would've gathered, I've just moved house. 

I'm in my early-ish 20s and after living out of home for almost four years and this being my third and most favourite place, I've gotten to the point where I'm ready to invest in home decor that I really love. 

That doesn't necessarily mean the pieces have to be expensive - good homewares can come at all price points, some things I'll save for, others I'll get cheaper or secondhand - but I want to make sure I choose wisely, and not want to replace them in three or four months.

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I've spent the past few weeks curating a list of items for my new place, and in the name of no gatekeeping, I've written them all down. 

Here's what I'm shopping for my new home.

Compagnie De Provence Liquid Marseille Soap Pink Grapefruit, $39.95.

A chic-looking bottle of hand wash is one of the simplest ways to make your kitchen or bathroom look sophisticated, and Compagnie De Provence do them so well. 

This one that smells like grapefruit is my favourite for the kitchen. And pro tip: you can refill it with cheaper hand wash when it's empty. 


Image: Adore Beauty/Mamamia.

Slim Aarons Style, $120.

There are two things in this world that I can't get enough of: activewear and coffee table books. The first one I live in and the second one I plan on filling my home with. 

The perfect accessory to stack on top of one another or open to a particular page, this Slim Aarons one is next on my hit list. 


Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

Gray Malin Italy, $60.

I'm going to be cheeky and chunk in a second coffee table book. I told you I love them!

With international travel only just becoming an option and a European summer not on my cards in 2022, this one filled with snaps of Italy will be the closest thing.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.


Morgan and Finch Luxury Faux Fur Throw, $179.95.

With the cooler weather setting in, I'm looking for a cosy throw and this fluffy one is right up my alley. Now just to be careful and not spill anything on it...

Image: Bed Bath N' Table/Mamamia.


Country Road Maris Quilt Cover, $279, and Standard Pillowcase Pair, $89.95.

This quilt cover and matching cushion covers will also be perfect for winter. Not only will the thicker material keep me warm but the woven detailing looks great.

Image: Country Road/Mamamia.


Country Road Dane Medium Vase, $49.95.

Do I need to explain this one? It's an ombre pink vase! 

Image: Country Road/Mamamia.


Poppie Pack Hot n' Hazy, $390.

As much as I'd love a piece of art for my new home, that's way out of budget. So the next best thing is a print. 

There are so many places these days that make affordable yet very cool prints, but I'm lusting over anything from Sydney-based photographer Poppie Pack. 

Her prints (which come in a variety of sizes, framed or not) are of local and international places, with my favourite being of Bondi Beach and Byron Bay. 

Image: Poppie Pack/Mamamia.


Journey of Something Paint by Numbers - Kitchen Window, $39.

Similarly, this is a painting alternative that I love the idea of. 

If you can't afford an artwork or want to spend your money elsewhere, you can be the artist (even if you have little to no creative talent) and create this painting yourself. Just follow the steps and voilà! 

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.


McMullin&Co Clementine Bowl, $99.

One of my favourite ways to dress up a dining table instead of buying a bunch of flowers is popping a handful of lemons in a bowl. It's chic, it's very Italian and it can be cheaper and last longer than florals. 

This white terracotta bowl will work perfectly for that, and can double as a fruit bowl.

Image: McMullin&Co/Mamamia.


Bodum Bistro 2-Piece Double Wall Glass Mugs, $43.95.

These coffee mugs are not only simple and sleek but they're genius. Made with a double wall of glass, they keep your coffee or tea hot but leave the outside cool to touch. 

Image: Catch/Mamamia.


Freedom Heidi Dinner Set, $169.95.

After years of mismatched plates and bowls (they do the trick but it's time for an upgrade), I'm ready to invest in a proper dining set. 

This stoneware range from Freedom looks a little more luxe than simple white and comes in every shape bowl and plate you can think of. I'm going straight for the dinner set.

Image: Freedom/Mamamia.


Mon Tout Strange Love 2021 — Rosé, $32.

I was very kindly gifted this rosé a little while back and it's probably my favourite one to date (not just because of the uber-cute packaging). 

It's light and dry with subtle fruity notes, and handpicked and handmade in Western Australia. I'm planning on ordering another bottle (or five) for when I have a housewarming with friends.

Image: Mon Tout/Mamamia.

Wilder Home Pleated Lamp, $70.

This lamp was on my wish list for approximately five seconds before I punched in my card details and ordered it - I couldn't go past the pleated lampshade and round base. I went with the white option but it was very hard to choose. 


Image: Wilder Home/Mamamia.

Dinosaur Designs Large Resin Rock Jug, $255.

Since I'm looking for home decor that won't tire in a couple of months, it only makes sense I'm after something from Dinosaur Designs - they are pieces you'll hold on to forever.


While there's so much I'm eyeing off from the wildly popular Australian brand, this pink jug is at the top of my list.

Image: Dinosaur Designs/Mamamia.

Ikea Lohal Rug, $119.

I've been researching who makes the best jute rug - it has to be affordable (which is hard with rugs!) and not "hurt when walking on it" per my boyfriend's request. This Ikea one keeps coming up as people's favourite, so I'll take one too.


Image: Ikea/Mamamia.

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