It's official: Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup have just tied the knot.

Aussie icon Naomi Watts and her actor partner Billy Crudup have officially tied the knot.

The pair confirmed the news of their marriage this morning via an Instagram post. Watts captioned a photo of them together – which was likely taken on the steps of a New York City courthouse – simply saying "Hitched".

Watts wore a stunning Oscar de la Renta Sweetheart Water Lily Guipure Dress, which online retails for around $8,000. Watts also had a bouquet of white flowers, with the actor saying she sourced them from her local deli.

Amazingly, Watts also confirmed the news this morning via a comment she left underneath one of Mamamia's Instagram posts, using the green tick emoji, a red heart emoji and DNA emoji.


Image: Instagram.

Image: Instagram.


Image: Instagram.


In one of her Instagram stories, Watts also shared that their wedding rings are from the jeweller Briony Raymond New York, and that Jeanann Williams was her stylist.

Yesterday the couple sent the gossip mill into overdrive after they were pictured stepping out of a car outside their apartment in New York City.

The picture had everything reminiscent of a wedding. White dress. Bouquet. Wedding rings. Check, check, check.

With her hand tightly clasped around a posy of white flowers, the King Kong star set off giant rumours that the couple had tied the knot. 

While leading the way and carrying their bags, Billy wore a white shirt and navy suit, and LET'S NOT FORGET THE FACT THEY WERE BOTH WEARING WEDDING RINGS and that Naomi also had a huge diamond on her wedding finger she's been sporting lately. 


Now that's one way to get our attention.

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What do we know about the newlyweds? 

Naomi and Billy have kept a pretty low profile throughout their relationship which is thought to have started back in 2017 after meeting on the set of Netflix's psychosexual drama Gypsy

Heck, the couple only went public at last year’s SAG Awards, walking the red carpet together. 

Five years earlier they'd been spotted holding hands in New York and the only time before that they were seen hugging was in 2018 – so props to them on keeping their situationship on the downlow. 

The Academy Award-nominated actress even failed to acknowledge the huge rock on her hand when she was asked about it on the Today show in April. Instead, she laughed it off and said something about her "brain fog".

How about any past relationships?

For Naomi, this isn't her first high-profile partner. The now 54-year-old dated fellow Aussie star Heath Ledger from 2002 to 2004, four years before he died.

Then in 2005, she met actor Liev Schreiber at the Met Gala and the mutual attraction was instant, according to them both. The pair went on to have two children — Sascha in 2007 and Kai in 2008 — and were together for 11 years before they decided to separate. 


While they were one of Hollywood's golden couples, Naomi said marriage was never a priority for them. 

In 2016 after they split, a joint statement from the couple said they'd come to the conclusion that the best way forward for them as a family was to separate as a couple. 

"It is with great love, respect and friendship in our hearts that we look forward to raising our children together and exploring this new phase of our relationship," it read.

And co-parenting seems to have gone down a treat for Naomi and Liev. During the pandemic, they isolated together as a family in the US along with Liev’s new partner and even made TikTok videos together.

Meanwhile, Billy was with Weeds actor Mary-Louise Parker from 1996 to 2003 before the then 35-year-old left her – while she was seven months pregnant with their son William – for Claire Danes who was 24 at the time. 

Despite an 11-year age gap, the pair stayed together for four years before going their separate ways.

This article was originally published on June 10, 2023, and has since been updated with new information.

Image: Instagram.