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cat girl March 30, 2022

The BMI is trash. I highly recommend listening to the “Maintenance Phase” podcast about BMI 

cat girl March 29, 2022

acid haha!!! HARD AGREE 

cat girl March 28, 2022

Thanks for sharing. I had bulimia all through my 20's. xx

cat girl January 22, 2022

More baking recipes please!! Baking = happiness 

cat girl January 14, 2022

Has the daily drop ep of Mia’s birth stories dropped? It’s not in my MM app podcast feed, anyone else?

cat girl November 30, 2021

How to make new girlfriends in your 30s when you live in a city other than the one you grew up in. Also when your workplace doesn’t have many women :/

cat girl November 14, 2021

@reannon I really want to quit social media but I’m so addicted :/ were you ever on socials?

cat girl November 12, 2021

Omg I can’t wait 

cat girl November 1, 2021

To people saying “oh just don’t buy near the city in Melb or Sydney” that’s bs. Maybe your job HAS to be in the CBD. I am in the arts and all my work is in the CBD. We can’t just move to like, Alice springs 

cat girl October 29, 2021

I loved the interview. What a women. I was amazed when she said that the paper used to have pages of jobs for ‘men and boys’ and only a small section for ‘women and girls’. It’s so easy to forget how far we have come. I listened to it when it dropped so she was on my mind when not so nice/unfair articles about her seemed to keep appearing in The Australian etc. She is a kickass women.

cat girl September 18, 2021

Upsetting that the arts were not mentioned in this roadmap.