'I named my baby girl three weeks ago. Now my nan is begging me to change it.'

Choosing a name for your baby is difficult enough without family members giving their opinion. But it’s hard to think of anything worse than a relative questioning your choice of baby name AFTER you’ve named them.

A grandmother has come out against her granddaughter’s choice of baby name saying it reminds her of a common form of cancer.

The new mum told online forum Mumsnet she chose the name Luca for her three-week-old girl but is now rethinking it after her grandmother said it reminded her of the disease leukaemia.

Sadly the grandmother’s daughter and the new mum’s mother died of the disease last year.

“I was so upset, my baby really suits her name and I love that it’s a bit different but now I can’t stop thinking about the link to leukaemia,” she wrote.

The grandmother said the name also reminded her of the phrase ‘filthy lucre’ which means dirty money.

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You can’t please everyone when choosing a baby name but the fact that this criticism is so close to home and due in part to such a terrible loss has left the new mum seriously considering changing her daughter’s name.

But does that mean she has to run the new name past her grandmother first?

The mother turned to online parenting forum Mumsnet to ask for advice, questioning whether she’s being unreasonable by not wanting to change her daughter’s name. Most mums told her to stick with her first choice.

“She’ll get over it. If you are set on the name then use it unapologetically.” – Babymouse

'Stop fighting over my name.' Image: iStock

"You are not being unreasonable, it’s lovely and more importantly it’s her name now. Done. Everyone can keep their objections to themselves." - Tinymeteor

"Ignore all the haters, I think Luca for a girl is absolutely perfect! And what better a name to pick to remind you of your mother every day. Maybe it's emotional right now, but you could look at one of the worst times in your life as a positive - look at this beautiful girl! I love it." - Peachesandcream1

But then there were those who felt the grandmother had a point.

"I can understand your gran feeling there is too close a connection with the disease that killed your mum." - PacificDogwod

Others said they thought of Luca as a boy's name and not appropriate for a girl in the first place.

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What this grandmother didn't take into account is how distressing it might be to link this new mum's baby's name to the death of her own mother, as though having a child without your own mum there to enjoy her grandchild isn't painful enough.

And she did put a lot of thought into her new baby's name, saying she chose Luca because it means 'light'. "I thought a name that meant bringer of light would be a lovely spark of life to a sad chapter for all of us," she told Mumsnet users.

You'll never please everyone with your choice of baby name so it might be better to stick to your first choice and just wait for those who don't like it to get over it.

Her grandmother's love for her new grandchild will hopefully soothe her until all negative associations with the name fade.