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mamamia-user-936684540 April 7, 2021

I watched her interview with Ahn and was surprised at how much “ baggage” she carries with her.  I’m not sure I would wish early recognition on any child. Thankfully she seems to have come through it with her head screwed on.

mamamia-user-936684540 March 31, 2021

Number 11 was never my experience but number 10 certainly was!

mamamia-user-936684540 March 27, 2021

The trapdoor analogy I’d perhaps the best thing I’ve ever read 

mamamia-user-936684540 March 11, 2021

" Freedom of Speech" is so often the refuge of bullies.

mamamia-user-936684540 January 16, 2021

You’ve definitely highlighted an issue here.   Perhaps women should be leaving false names on contact tracing forms.  This could have ended very badly if the guy was a psycho 

mamamia-user-936684540 December 22, 2020

This speaks volumes about Delta's character. Sometimes Delta- bashing seems like a social media sport. It's nice to hear something positive like this.

I'm on Team Delta!

mamamia-user-936684540 December 12, 2020

Perhaps what this man dislikes is the baby “stage” and not the baby per se.  As the baby develops, his feeling for the child may grow too.  I wouldn’t be too quick to draw conclusions here but if, in the fullness of time, this man remains remote and unavailable to his son, then perhaps it may be far better for the boy to grow up in a single parent home with a loving and devoted mum.

mamamia-user-936684540 December 10, 2020

The reason the card was introduced was that giving people totally financial autonomy wasn’t working .  There were children going hungry while their caregivers gambled, resulting in removal of children from families. So this system is flawed.  Maybe the alternative is flawed too.

mamamia-user-936684540 December 10, 2020

I’m hugely surprised this young lady can’t claim a disability pension on the grounds of a psychiatric disability 

mamamia-user-936684540 November 26, 2020

Brilliant article.  What you have written will resonated with all women.

mamamia-user-936684540 November 4, 2020

This is such a distressing story to read. There must be a way that we can put the issue of consent front and centre of the sexual politics agenda.

mamamia-user-936684540 September 24, 2020

Does any of this reflect the culture of the school or does it reflect the adventurous stupidity of one or two of the graduating cohort? Would we find similar crap going on in a state school? Everyone loves to be outraged when private school kids behave badly but I doubt that schools breed this sort of deviance.  It’s just more newsworthy when it surfaces in a private school environment 

mamamia-user-936684540 June 30, 2020

Soon we will reach a point where comedians won’t dare crack a joke.   We will all be poorer for that.

natalie joy May 15, 2020

Critiquing other women’s wedding gowns has long been a female sport. There are reality tv shows based around this. More and more I get a sense that weddings are less about a public commitment ritual and more and more about an aesthetic “event”. Bridal blogs are an extension of this with their emphasis on “styling”.

Casual Observer November 28, 2019

This was such a good chuckle! Love that Nikki can admit to a competitive edge in her parental pride. Hope the kid gets elected.

Casual Observer November 20, 2019

Hit the nail on the head Holly.

Casual Observer May 11, 2019

Bravo! I salute single parents everywhere

Casual Observer May 11, 2019

This is one of the best things I’ve ever read. This is reality writ large. A sobering reminder of constant sacrifice in the face of indifference which is pretty much how it rolls in parenting today’s kids. Thanks Melissa. Wish there was some way I could buy you a coffee.

Casual Observer November 19, 2018

I’m with Michael. This woman has sexualised herself beyond belief Her whole career has been built around her sexual attractiveness. Now we are supposed to demonise our PM for an off the cuff reference to Pamela’s allure. Save your outrage, Lisa, for a meaningful issue

Casual Observer May 7, 2018

I watched the Four Corners report last nigh with a heavy heart. This case so exemplifies the objectification of women. This man saw this young woman as nothing but an orifice to satisfy him. Any orifice would do. His perception of her as a human being was zero. He lied to her to lure her to an isolated spot where he could perform his despicable act undetected. Disgusting. I do wonder what role porn plays in this kind of thinking among men.

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