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mamamia-user-936684540 July 28, 2021

@daijobou , I applaud you!

So many women think parenting is a competition sport. Mine are all grown up now but some of the most opinionated women in my mother's group now have adult children struggling with life.  Honestly, the intricacies of infant care mean way too much to some people.

mamamia-user-936684540 June 21, 2021

Perhaps it really is not all of Australia's business. Family rifts are reality of life . Let's just focus on what a great place Australia Zoo is and the wonderful conservation work that the Irwin family support.

mamamia-user-936684540 June 16, 2021

In my experience the word "flexible" means the employer feels they can call on you day or night. The phrase that resonates with me in this article is "working as though we don't have children" and it seems to me that's what employers expect. I still recall explaining to my perplexed (female) boss that I could not attend a meeting at 7:30 am in the morning as the childcare center caring for my infant son was not open before 7 am and located 45minutes away! She hired me knowing I had a 6 month old baby and also expected me to be away overnight!

mamamia-user-936684540 June 9, 2021

Evil exists. Here's the proof

mamamia-user-936684540 May 26, 2021

Bravo to Saxon! She has made a difference and I hope it helps her heal from the trauma she has endured. The legal system let her down badly. Now we need to see these reforms work.

mamamia-user-936684540 May 19, 2021

Oh this article is "spot on". Thanks Jessie. Couldn't have said it better myself.

mamamia-user-936684540 May 18, 2021

Ariana Grande's nuptials after 15 months of dating are hardly hasty.

mamamia-user-936684540 May 5, 2021

Proof positive that all the money in the world can't bring you happiness.

mamamia-user-936684540 April 30, 2021

Perhaps they might have to accept that some things are beyond their control.  Maybe having a major life event that is not intimately shared might actually be good for them

mamamia-user-936684540 April 28, 2021

I don't see why "community and indigenous led programs" can't be implemented at the same time as the enforcement of these new laws?  Maybe a multipronged approach is the way to go.

mamamia-user-936684540 April 22, 2021

I wonder if this guy actually has some kind of memory disorder?

mamamia-user-936684540 April 7, 2021

I watched her interview with Ahn and was surprised at how much “ baggage” she carries with her.  I’m not sure I would wish early recognition on any child. Thankfully she seems to have come through it with her head screwed on.

mamamia-user-936684540 March 31, 2021

Number 11 was never my experience but number 10 certainly was!

mamamia-user-936684540 March 27, 2021

The trapdoor analogy I’d perhaps the best thing I’ve ever read 

mamamia-user-936684540 March 11, 2021

" Freedom of Speech" is so often the refuge of bullies.

mamamia-user-936684540 January 16, 2021

You’ve definitely highlighted an issue here.   Perhaps women should be leaving false names on contact tracing forms.  This could have ended very badly if the guy was a psycho 

mamamia-user-936684540 December 22, 2020

This speaks volumes about Delta's character. Sometimes Delta- bashing seems like a social media sport. It's nice to hear something positive like this.

I'm on Team Delta!

mamamia-user-936684540 December 12, 2020

Perhaps what this man dislikes is the baby “stage” and not the baby per se.  As the baby develops, his feeling for the child may grow too.  I wouldn’t be too quick to draw conclusions here but if, in the fullness of time, this man remains remote and unavailable to his son, then perhaps it may be far better for the boy to grow up in a single parent home with a loving and devoted mum.

mamamia-user-936684540 December 10, 2020

The reason the card was introduced was that giving people totally financial autonomy wasn’t working .  There were children going hungry while their caregivers gambled, resulting in removal of children from families. So this system is flawed.  Maybe the alternative is flawed too.

mamamia-user-936684540 December 10, 2020

I’m hugely surprised this young lady can’t claim a disability pension on the grounds of a psychiatric disability