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shatra98 August 28, 2021

It is a hard decision to make. We are having to make this at the moment for our cat that we have had for 19 years. He was a very young kitten when he came into our lives. has moved with us many times, even flying from West coast to the East coast and back again. He has arthritis, dementia, thyroid problem, an open sore that will not heal and dental problems. Late May after a vet visit when the vet asked if we had thought of putting him down, he had a bad weekend. I had said to the vet I wanted him to have his birthday then that bad weekend when he could hardly move. It seemed like the vet increasing his thyroid meds must had saved his life then. He is at the moment still moving around but slower and letting his presents be know. 

At least we have the choose for our pets to put them in a better place.  

shatra98 February 6, 2021

Do not over do the fibre if BF as baby may suffer. My 2nd son was having 2-3 dirty nappies a day beside his wet ones. Was asked what I was eating and told to cut back on my bran for my son's sake.

Tracey Hall September 21, 2019

My husband's sister in law had to try to convince doctors she wanted this done not because she did not want children. She wanted no more of them, having four children and being in her very early 20's, she had enough of having children. The doctors excuses were what if you wanted more children, really it is the woman's choice.

Tracey Hall November 26, 2018

When my husband I were deciding names for the baby as we did know what sex it was, we decided to use our middle names as middle names for the baby. Wanted this for the girl as my middle name, hubby's mother middle name and my mother's mother's middle name were the same just different spellings. So decided to do this for the boy's name. So we had two middle names we agreed on for the boy as was using my brother's name too as he had died. So our son was born and still we did not have a first name we agreed on, so after a couple of days I said he has two names why not use them. Yes we had comments on it as one of my husband's brother said suppose you just reverse Shane's name. Anthony is 31 next month apart from some at work trying to call him Tony, he says he just does not answer to it.

Tracey Hall November 23, 2018

My oldest was one of three in his first year called Christopher, so the teacher named them Christopher M, Chris M and my son was Chris H. He said he did not mind as the teacher asked him. My youngest his teacher in 3rd year tried to shorten his name Anthony to Tony, he told the teacher "better not let mum know that". I hated the name Tony due to a childhood thing. This time the teacher had to use the initials of the surname. Ok until until another Anthony came into the class with the same surname as my son. It does not matter just get him to listen out for his first name and surname.

Tracey Hall November 9, 2017

Things have changed since my oldest was born and more help is now available. It can be a lonely life being a full time carer for your child, trying to get help even after you have been told what is wrong. My family would not help putting my oldest and then later my youngest problems to how I was bringing them up, their home life. There is only so much outside help you can get and having to beg for help can get you down. Some call you a super mum, they are your children so you do what you can. A pity they are not willing to help you out with the care or extra things eg: taking my middle child to let him know that his brother's treatment are helping them and he can have fun doing other things. Asking specialist if the program for your children can involve all the children, so the others do not feel like they are missing out. Otherwise you are having to find extra time to deal with "why do they get extra time with you". Making you fill like guilty because you can not get the same time to all.

Tracey Hall October 16, 2017

Never really thought of what my mother went through. There is 13 months between my sister and me. This was early 1960's no wonder she went on the pill and my brother then came along three years later.My lot were about 18-20 months apart think this better.

Tracey Hall September 12, 2017

My youngest was a breech baby who was turned twice by the doctor. I prefer when he turned as it was not really felt. The doctor doing it was painful, so was happy when the doctor told me at 37 weeks the baby could come out.

Tracey Hall September 7, 2017

Forceps saved my life and my oldest in the early 80's. I had lost a lot of blood and needed the baby out.

Tracey Hall April 16, 2017

Well I do not shave my hairs. It means I can not wear stockings as they poke through. I have light hair on my body so does not show like darker hair. If you are happy with way nature made us, who is to say why we should change it.

Tracey Hall April 15, 2017

It is not fair when our little ones suffer as the research is not there. In Dec 2011 I left my youngest son 24 in WA to return home. I had put his large bruise on his arm and him being tired down to him working in the heat. I even told him to photograph the bruise incase he did it at work. A week later he was in hospital after collapsing. After being moved to a bigger hospital he was finally diagnosed with AML. He had a further complication of also have an infection too that lead to sepic . I am lucky my son survived but not before I rushed back to WA as they said he was not going to live. Sold up and decided that I was living closer to my children. My son being older he still had problems but to lose a child as young as yours , would be hard. i can not believe one of his medications was arsenic, could not be touch but he swallowed so many of these.

Tracey Hall April 1, 2017

Mine are cooked in the oven, yes it takes 20-30 mins but it is time I have for other things. Plus can cook veggies at same time the oven in a different pan.

Tracey Hall March 5, 2017

My youngest in preschool did not like his first name and he used his middle name. Nothing wrong or werid about the first name at all like the above story. We called him by that name but told hime he had to let his nana call him by the first name as we did not know how she would respond to the middle name being used as it was my deceased brother's name and it had been only 6 years since he died. By year two at school he used his first name as he found it ok by then. His fist name was his father's second name.

Tracey Hall March 1, 2017

Just glad I do not have to them anymore. The last time I had one was in Feb 2003. Just a vault test done ever ten years.

Tracey Hall February 2, 2017

Bloomers are just a pair of loose pants that cover your underpants. Like a granny pair of undies. I had to wear them in high school under my sport dress, then girls rebelled and started wearing short shorts under their sport dress.

Tracey Hall January 31, 2017

Wish I had struck to what I wanted in naming my children. The spelling of my first child's name as I later found out it was the European version anyway. The naming of my second son, my MIL said it was not on to name a baby after someone who had just died. My brother's machine was turned off on the day I gave birth to my son, I did not know at the time as I was living far away.
Then the MIL only gave him 50 cents against the dollar she normally gave as she only liked his second name. I used my brother's name in my third child's name.

Tracey Hall January 21, 2017

Mothers I think, think they are doing the right things but what is said sometimes can hurt. I live on the other side of the country to my mother now, so she can not tell me what I am doing. No that is not the reason I live here, but helps. for her women are meant to wear make up and dress in a certain way. I prefer no make up, so do not have to worry about it now and as for how I dress it is for my comfort. She can not tell me about my weight issue as she will not come over here she can not see how I live.

Tracey Hall January 11, 2017

For me carrying my children on the right seemed better. Yes I am left handed. The hip seemed better to cope with it and was more comfortable too.

Tracey Hall December 27, 2016

I do not see why the ones without crosses can not e sold year round. for me that is no problem as I make them myself and find putting a cross on them extra work. So much better then fruit toast.

Tracey Hall December 15, 2016

My husband had one like this once from Centrelink, he was told they can not receive money in their office and it must be taken from a bank account. No bank will let you pay this either. He did suggest it be taken off my money I received for the children, no go there either as not my debt. After a while they wrote it off, unlike Challange Bank who was charging us for keeping an account open. We could not close it as there was only a few cents in it, many letters later they gave up and closed the account on us. The amount was seven cents.