Why fans are so "disappointed" about My Kitchen Rules' cheating scandal.

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Ahead of Tuesday night’s episode, My Kitchen Rules viewers were told they were in for another “scandal”. This time a team is booted for cheating, the promos suggested.

And while Russian friends Olga and Valeria did serve up pan-fried duck when they were meant to be delivering a roast, that wasn’t what fans were so “disappointed” about.

Because as many viewers pointed out – this isn’t the first time a team hasn’t cooked in the method they were supposed to, leading them to feel well, misled.

“Cheating? It’s not like Olga & Valeria smuggled a duck from a Chinese restaurant and served it there #mkr,” wrote one fan on Twitter.


Fans pointed out that between Alex and Emma cooking (often expensive) salmon in a budget challenge, Kim and Suong serving a dollop of whipped cream in a dairy challenge and Josh and Nic using a deep fryer in a barbecue challenge, “not meeting the brief” was pretty standard – and accused fellow contestants of being hypocritical.


Olga and Valeria were forced to choose between serving overcooked duck, not serving a dish at all and pan frying their duck when they found their oven-roasted breast was overcooked with just 15 minutes left in the round.


“I think our main is gone. Our duck is not cooked properly. We can’t do anything about it,” Olga said to her friend, who then had the idea of frying it.

Other contestants spectating the competition from above were shocked as they realised what the pair were planning.

Watch as Olga and Valeria decide to grill their duck after the roasting attempt failed. Post continues.

“Grilling is not a roast,” Kim put simply, as Josh and Nic expressed their outrage that “they didn’t meet the brief”.

Initially, though, the decision seemed like the right one for the friends, as judges Manu Feildel, Pete Evans and Colin Fassnidge commented that the duck was tasty and well-cooked upon tasting.

However, when the judges delivered the final verdict, they pointed out that the dish wasn’t a roast.

And in the end, they, along with Henry and Anna were booted out the of the competition as Jazzey and Stella were sent through to the next round of the finals.