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My Kitchen Rules' Sonya on the real reason she reacted the way she did on screen.

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On Wednesday night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules, contestants Sonya and Hadil launched a verbal attack on rival contestants.

The attack was so vicious they were “excused from the table” by judge Manu Feildel.

Now, through an emotional Facebook post, Sonya has attempted to explain what led to that moment.

“Growing up, I was bullied for my race and my weight. One memory in particular, which I’ll never forget, was having the contents of my school bag tipped into a bin because of my background. I remember feeling shocked and angry and also feeling so hurt,” she began her post.


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“Fast forward to the 21st century and who would have thought taking part in a cooking competition would bring back all those cruel, hurtful and extremely upsetting words online? I owe it to you, my followers to tell you as much as I can without going against my contract with Channel 7 to give you a glimpse into why I reacted on the table the way I did…

“During my time filming I was called a “dumb c**t” and an “ugly fat b**h” those words struck a chord with me and really hurt which clearly showed. It’s been hard to apologise for that reason because it was a two way argument with name calling started by others. Did I handle that moment the best? No. The words I said were out of line and don’t reflect my values or who I’ve grown up to be as a person and I am personally truly sorry.”

Sonya went on to explain she has “respect” for all the teams in the competition, but the long hours of filming weren’t easy.

“We all experienced the MKR bubble together and emotions are heightened, words are said, reactions are given and in this instance that was all that was shown – our reactions.”

The reality TV contestant said she’s a strong women but she hopes people understand the impact this is having on her mental health.

On Saturday, it was confirmed by Channel 7 there was a great deal more that went on behind the scenes, which led to Sonya and Hadil’s premature eviction.

An insider told, “A few of the teams had gathered in a room and were cooking dinner.

“Sonya and Hadil were walking past and they heard a comment through the door. They were very upset by that comment and knocked on the door.”

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At this point, Italian brothers Josh and Nic opened the door, and allegedly an altercation took place.

What began as arguing, quickly turned into a “push and shove” according to the source.

“It was not a good scene.”

This account was confirmed by Channel 7, who said the incident contributed to Sonya and Hadil’s exit from the show.

A statement released by Channel 7 to outlined that while filming in Tasmania, an argument broke out which “escalated into a physical exchange”.

Following the incident, Channel 7 said they worked hard to repair the relationships between the teams, but soon discovered it would not be possible. This led to one team being dismissed from the show.

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