Why My Kitchen Rules chose this week - and no other - to air their great, big scandal.

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It was the week to end all weeks, apparently. My Kitchen Rules would be showing its most dramatic few episodes yet, and not only do viewers get opportunity to watch the drama unfold, they’re also given the opportunity to sit through 7340 teasers and promos first. What joy.

And while the news cycle and TV circles have been consumed with the nastiness that appeared on screen, there’s been added discussion about the particular and potentially cunning actions of producers to craft the storyline as we saw it on screen.

Sonya and Hadil – the couple kicked off the show – certainly thought as much.

“[We are] not in control of how we are portrayed but we lived it and can sleep well knowing the truth,” the pair wrote in an Instagram comment this week.

“Australia doesn’t know the truth and if they did they would feel ashamed that they are attacking two women who are the victims.

“Imagine how we feel watching the episodes back when the episodes have been extremely tampered with (the amount of editing is insane).”

The timing of the show’s “most dramatic” week, though, should be noted.

On Sunday, Channel 9’s The Voice debuted among incessant chatter about My Kitchen Rules. After all, Channel 7 had two weeks worth of Commonwealth Games coverage to advertise said drama. From the outset, The Voice had fallen behind.

According to Ad News, My Kitchen Rules drew in 1.34 million viewers when it returned on Sunday night, while The Voice pulled in just over a million.

The next night, the reality cooking program drew in an audience of 1.25 million viewers, while The Voice fell to 930,000.

By the time the actual scandal aired, it pulled in a metro audience of 1.6 million and a national audience of 2.4 million.

Yes, the timing of the My Kitchen Rules’ great scandal may have been as contrived as the scandal itself. And while that is their prerogative, it might just give some context as to why viewers were strung along for so long with teasers.

And in the end, you can’t deny their success.

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