Moraya was crowned Miss Universe Australia. Now there's a petition for her to step down.

Moraya Wilson was crowned Australia's Miss Universe in September and is currently in El Salvador ahead of the global competition next week. However, a petition for her to step down has gained traction following reports that companies run by her parents, Anton and Melinda Wilson, owe more than $45 million to creditors following multiple company liquidations, including approximately $21 million to the tax office, according to a news.com.au investigation.

Her father will face court next month to fight charges of knowingly signing a false declaration and for defrauding creditors.

Anton Wilson is banned by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) from managing corporations until 2027, with his multiple failed companies owing creditors more than $45m. His ex-wife Melinda Wilson was in March last year also disqualified from managing corporations for five years, with debts of $39m. 

Moraya, 22, has been caught in the crosshairs, as she is listed as the director of 10 companies involved in a failed hotel development in Melbourne that ASIC wants struck off the business register.

The bankrupt trustee of Anton, Nicholas Crouch of insolvency firm Crouch Amirbeaggi, alleges that Moraya's name was listed as director to enable the family business to continue despite her parent's bankruptcies. 

She has denied any knowledge or involvement in the businesses. 

In a statement to news.com.au, Wilson said she had "tendered my resignation from all of the companies".


She was also aware of a change.org petition calling for her to step down as Miss Universe Australia but she intended to compete in the international pageant with full support from Miss Universe Australia management.

The petition claims Moraya "misrepresented herself and is not fit to represent Australia".

"Miss Universe is an international competition that empowers women and promotes diverse representations of beauty across the globe. This beauty goes beyond appearance and includes character and personality," it reads.

"What Miss Wilson has taken from people’s future to build a home does not encourage other women to push the limits of what's possible but rather impairs their capacity to forge a better future."

Despite the opposition, it seems most likely Moraya will continue to represent Australia in the global pageant on November 18, especially as she is already in El Salvador.

Miss Universe Australia director Troy Barbagallo has said he and the pageant selection committee stood by their decision to crown Moraya in September's national competition.

Miss Universe is one of the 'big four' annual beauty pageants. Previous Miss World Australia's include Jennifer Hawkins, Jesinta Franklin, Rachael Finch, Olivia Molly Rogers and Maria Thattil.

Feature image: Instagram @morayawilson.

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