The Internet cannot work out this viral optical illusion.

Just when you thought 2016 couldn’t get any weirder, there’s a brand new viral optical illusion to challenge your perception of reality.

This time, it’s an image that was shared on Reddit of six young women sitting on a couch, enjoying a beverage. Seems pretty normal until you realise that there are six girls, but only five sets of legs.

Um. Wait. WHAT?

Take a close look at this image. Where are the legs that belong to the third woman from the left?

Image via Reddit.

Seriously, WHERE ARE THEY?

Image via Reddit.

Naturally, this photo sent Reddit users into a meltdown.

"Sorcery!" wrote Reddit user mudbutt2000.

"I... I can't," commented Reddit user 2ndhand5moke.

Some commenters claimed that the middle woman's legs were spread in such a way that made them appear invisible. Others said that maybe she didn't have legs at all. Meanwhile, another Reddit user creatively suggested that the young woman is a "couch-centaur" - half woman, half couch.


Eventually, commenters began to agree that the solution was far more simple.

The first two girls from the left are actually wearing black jeans, but as their legs are so close together, they look like one set of jeans. This in turn makes the middle girl's legs look like they belong to the second girl.

Image via Reddit.

Got it? I think I need a lie down.

No more optical illusions PLEASE, 2016.

Feature image via Reddit (jr0d7771