You're about to see the 'mob wife aesthetic' everywhere.

It feels like only yesterday (because it basically was) that TikTok was obsessed with the “clean girl” trend. 

Women would slick their hair as far back as it would go and walk out of the house with nothing more than a lick of gloss and a dot of tinted moisturiser.

They then moved onto quiet luxury, which was all about wearing clothes with no showy logos and minimal prints, oozing sophistication through tailored silhouettes and delicate accessories.

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Basically, every trend FashionTok has pushed out is rooted in minimalism … until now. 

Let me introduce you to the "mob wife aesthetic" - which is all about an explosion of leopard print, chunky accessories and leather.  

It’s maximalist, messy and surprisingly easy to recreate. 

You may already be familiar with what mob wives look like, not because you know one personally, but because you grew up watching The Sopranos, Goodfellas and The Godfather.

@trovlov Heard we’re in our mob wife era #mobwife #mobwifeaesthetic #outfitideas #styleinspo #nycinfluencer ♬ Mob Wife Energy Activate - The Sweet Paisana

Carmela Soprano from The Sopranos, Ginger McKenna from Casino and Elvira Hancock from Scarface are perfect style inspiration. It's a mix between '90s supermodel glamour and the loud patterns everyone used to wear in the 2010s.


Think larger-than-life outfits and a lot of black. Pair everything with eyeliner you didn’t take off from the night before and you’ve got yourself a look.

Here's exactly what you can buy if you want to channel your inner mob wife. 

(Faux) fur coats.

Appropriate for summer? Definitely not. A guaranteed way to look expensive and menacing? Absolutely. Although maybe save this one for when the weather gets cooler, because mob wives don’t sweat. A faux fur coat is essential. It can hide your secrets and it commands attention the moment you walk through the door. Look for ones in either plain colours like black and brown, or go the unconventional route and opt for a faux fur trim instead.

What we recommend:

Pretty Little Thing Black Faux Fur Collarless Coat, $216.

Image: Pretty Little Thing.


Boohoo Plus Faux Fur Trim Suedette Coat, $220.

Image: Boohoo.


Leather pants.

If you thought leather pants died out in the ‘80s, it's time for their resurrection. Hopefully, you didn’t throw out the pairs you owned, because mob wives love black wide leg leather pants. Always black. Wide-leg trousers help elongate your legs, and the leather adds edge. Now imagine that with your fur coat … see? It’s already coming together.

What we recommend:

Madison The Label Sadie Pants, $119.

Image: Madison The Label, The Iconic.


Atmos&Here Curvy Ciara Wide Leg Leather Look Pants, $89.99.

Image: Atmos&Here Curvy, The Iconic.

Maniere De Voir Vegan Leather Pleated Trousers, $210.

Image: Maniere De Voir.


H&M Coated Tailored Pants, $59.99.

Image: H&M.


Anything leopard print.

Come on, you knew this was coming. Nothing screams “I cover up my husband’s crimes” more than a leopard-printed shirt, jacket or scarf. There is no wrong way to add leopard print to your outfit, remember, this trend is all about maximalism, so if you think you’ve gone too big, you haven’t, so add some more. 

What we recommend:

Pretty Little Thing Plus Leopard Print Strappy Satin Cowl Midi Dress, $78.

Image: Pretty Little Thing.


Ally Brown Animal Print Maxi Skirt, $49.99.

Image: Ally.

Forcast Pamelia Animal Print Blouse, $79.99.

Image: Forcast, The Iconic.


High Heel Jungle Leopard Print Tights, $45.

Image: High Heel Jungle, The Iconic.


Chunky gold jewellery.

With the amount of jewellery roundups I’ve done on Mamamia, I feel you should probably have a decent collection of gold accessories by now. But if you don’t, get yourself a pair of gold hoops (the bigger, the better), a chunky chain necklace and a statement cuff bracelet. 

What we recommend:

Jolie & Deen Harlow Cuff, $59.95.

Image: Jolie & Deen.


GIMME Chunky Chain Necklace, $49.95.

Image: GIMME.


Alana Maria Georgia Hoop Earrings, $99.

Image: Alana Maria.

HOUSE OF SLANI Snake Wrap Gold Ring, $110.

Image: HOUSE OF SLANI, The Iconic.



Not the teeny micro sunglasses every influencer was seen wearing in 2023. Big, oversized sunglasses that take up your entire face. Picture yourself walking out of court to hundreds of photographers flashing their cameras at you. You need something to shield your eyes from the light, while still looking unbothered in the process. 

What we recommend:

Versace 0VE44410, $372.

Image: Versace, The Iconic.


Quay Ever After Large, $95.

Image: Quay.


Seed Bella Oversized Sunglasses, $49.95.

Image: Seed.

Mestige Eden Sunglasses, $45.

Image: Mestige, The Iconic.


Pointed boots.

Pointed and high, that’s the motto. Mob wives don’t dress for comfort, so you won’t see them wearing flat ankle boots. No. When they walk down a hallway, they need you to hear their heels clacking against the hardwood floors. 

What we recommend:

Next Black Forever Comfort Pointed Toe Heeled Boots, $152.

Image: Next.


Princess Polly Linday Boots, $110.

Image: Princess Polly.


Siren Wisdom Tall Boots, $229.95.

Image: Siren, The Iconic.


Novo Odelle, $169.95.

Image: Novo, The Iconic.

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Featured Image: Image credit: TikTok; @innasyamackenzie, @folkvintageco/HBO/Canva. 

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