9 waterproof jewellery brands that will last you a lifetime.

Growing up in a Pakistani household, my mum always taught me about the importance of jewellery. These intricate pieces weren’t just something you wore when a special occasion came around. Instead, it was passed down generation to generation, deeply cherished by every woman in the family.

Pure gold rings, bangles and necklaces were given to us at every milestone moment — my collection includes jewellery from the day I was born, all the way up to my wedding

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My passion for jewellery runs deep, not just because I love shiny things, but because I think every woman deserves to own good quality pieces that will one day tell her story. 

While I rarely buy myself pure gold jewellery as often as those before me, I am constantly searching for waterproof accessories that will last for a lifetime. My jewellery box includes gold-filled and gold vermeil pieces — not only is it a lot cheaper than pure gold, it also isn’t as yellow, which I find more flattering.

So if you want to start building your own collection of pieces then check out my favourite waterproof jewellery brands below.



Image: Instagram @missoma. 

Why I love it: Missoma is a brand that I was introduced to by some of my favourite content creators on YouTube, and while usually I'm a bit wary of products promoted by influencers, this was one that turned out to be 100 percent worth it. I have a few Missoma pieces in my collection, and because it's made from gold vermeil, it doesn't tarnish, and you can wear it under water. 


Monica Vinader.

Image: Instagram @monicavinader.

Why I love it: Monica Vinader jewellery not only comes with a five-year warranty, but they have a great range of statement, and fine items. While most of their pieces are made from gold vermeil, they do also have a few that are solid gold and sterling silver.


S-kin Studio.

Image: Instagram @skinstudioj_.

Why I love it: S-kin Studio jewellery is some of the best quality jewellery I own because everything they make is gold-filled. Their jewellery is sustainable, high quality and ethically made. They also make custom pieces if you want something exclusive.

By Charlotte.

Image: Instagram @bycharlotte_.


Why I love it: You may have seen By Charlotte's famous Lotus Birthstone Necklace - a favourite of so many women for good reason. This Aussie jewellery label makes delicate pieces with the highest quality materials. They have three options to choose from: 18K gold vermeil, 14k gold and sterling silver.


Image: Instagram @linjerco.


Why I love it: Linjer is my go-to jewellery brand when I want to find something unique and as if it was curated for me. If you're looking for something that no one else is wearing, definitely check this brand out. While most of their pieces are investments, you might be lucky to nab something when it's on sale.

Kirstin Ash.

Image: Instagram @kirstinash.


Why I love it: If fine jewellery isn't really your thing, and you're searching for something that makes more of a statement then you cannot go wrong with Kirstin Ash. These earthy jewels will help elevate any outfit while also remaining trendy for years to come.

Sit & Wonder.

Image: Instagram @sitandwonderjewels.


Why I love it: Sit & Wonder make ethereal pieces out of either solid gold or sterling silver, so depending on your preference, there's something for everyone. 


Image: Instagram @mejuri.


Why I love it: If you're a jewellery fanatic then you've most definitely heard of the brand Mejuri. It's popular not just because of their high-quality pieces, but also because of its accessible price point so it's a great starting off point to build your collection. 


Image: Instagram @sarahandsebastian.


Why I love it: Like some of the above, SARAH & SEBASTIAN is a brand you go to when you want to spend money on an investment piece. These beautiful jewels are perfect to either buy for yourself or as a gift, and with such a wide range of options to choose from, there's no way you'll be walking away empty-handed.

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