TikTok is making people realise they've had curly hair all along.

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From toddlerhood to late-teenagehood, I had curly hair. Springy ringlets that bounced around my ears and framed my face – much like Shirley Temple. 

Then, my hair grew longer, and the curls stretched out and swung along the backside of my t-shirt. After puberty, the curls went into hiding. 

When I entered my twenties, I noticed my curls had sort of... disappeared. Was it because I had spent so many years straightening them away? Or because I forced my wet hair to dry straight instead of encouraging it to dry curly? I wondered if it was hormones. Perhaps they’ve all be contributing factors.

Now, there’s this trend on TikTok that caught my eye. People are discovering they’ve had curly hair all along and never actually known, because they haven't been caring for it in the right ways. 

Now their curls are back in full bounce, all thanks to the Curly Girl method. Admittedly, I’ve tried this in the past and failed, but I've figured out it really comes down to the products you’re using.

This time I went into the process with specific haircare tailored for us curly girls from PUMP Haircare, specifically designed to hydrate and enhance your curls. 

Here’s the exact version of the Curly Girl method I tried for my own hair.

Before the Curly Girl test! Image: Supplied.


1. Shampooing and conditioning

This step was straightforward, of course, but the key was to make sure I combed my hair in the shower while it was wet and marinating in conditioner. Curly hair need *all* the nourishment, so I used the PUMP Curly Girl Shampoo and Curly Girl Conditioner. Both products were super soft and hydrating. My hair was picking up exactly what they were putting down – argan oil to eliminate frizz and coconut cleansers to remove any buildup.

I was worried my hair was going to get matted and be a nightmare to untangle in the shower, but I used their wide-tooth Detangle Comb and it glided through like a dream, as it doesn't pull or frizz up those curls like regular combs can.

2. Styling

After pulling my hair gently from the towel, I could already see the products working some magic – tendrils were beginning to twirl (!!!!!). I squeezed out a small amount of the Curly Girl 2 in 1 Define and Repair Cream and worked it together in the palms of my hands before scrunching it through the ends and up the length of my hair. It basically acts as a leave-in treatment, full of nourishing extracts and butter to tame frizz and lock in those curls.


Once there was some good coverage, I went in with the Soft Curl Gel, a true hydration hero. I also kept this product quantity to a minimum and twisted it through, focusing on any specifically flat looking pieces. I scrunched and scrunched, seeing a big difference in how it helped define my curls without making my hair feel heavy, crunchy, or sticky.

Image: Supplied.

3. Drying

I went straight in with a soft, microfibre towel and scrunched excess water out of my hair until it felt light enough to twist up on top of my head. It then waited patiently while I went on with the rest of my skincare routine. Honestly, that was it! 


I went to bed and woke up the next morning feeling pretty good about what I saw – a rare occurrence for most, surely? I simply gave my hair a spritz of water alongside a healthy dose of scrunching (truly, this technique will never go unappreciated) and was ready to hit the road. 

By day two, I wanted to keep those curls in their best shape (physically, emotionally, all of the above…), especially after sleeping on them. That's where the Spring Back Curl Refresher came in handy (can be used on its own, and on dry or damp hair on day 2 and beyond) and things were, believe it or not, good as new and bouncy as ever. It felt like such a relief to do good by my hair and let my hair do its thing. What seemed like a daunting, unachievable task, was honestly the simplest 3-step process. 

After! Image: Supplied.


I was keen to do it again, and I waited for the perfect moment: the ultimate pamper sesh before a girls’ dinner out. It involved the everything-shower (loved by some, hated by many) and another delicious smelling hair wash. This time I opted for a quick dry. 

When you’re going out, you want it to look just right – plus, I was a tad short on time. I made sure to use a Curl diffuser attachment on my hairdryer, with the heat dialled down to low. Essentially, I used this tool to scrunch my hair, and found the curls held in place a lot quicker and with more bounce. I finished off with a bit more of the Soft Curl Gel, simply to add definition. 

Leaning into my hair’s natural state has allowed me to feel a lot more like myself. It’s one of those things: once you’ve done it, and you know what you’re doing, it becomes way less daunting. I felt good about the products I was using, knowing these PUMP Haircare picks are free of drying synthetics, sulphates and silicones, and packed full of hydrating, plant-based ingredients. I never thought I’d say this, but I guess Gen Z and the kids on TikTok know what they’re talking about.  

Shop PUMP Haircare online or from a stockist near you, for natural ingredients and professional results.

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