The story of how this 70-year-old doctor ended up on the Miu Miu runway.

Whenever Fashion Week rolls around, we're shown images of the world's top models gracing the runway in clothes that are interesting to look at, but not the most practical to wear. 

From Schiaparelli's intricate designs to Versace's form-fitting occasion wear, the world of fashion has always felt somewhat inaccessible to us normal folk — that is, until 70-year-old Qin Huilan graced the Miu Miu catwalk.

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The runway is no stranger to serving an iconic moment, we've seen it plenty of times before, however, Qin's presence felt... different. Aside from the fact that she absolutely killed it and looked no different to runway veterans like Gigi Hadid, Qin showed us that life doesn't end after a certain age.

Qin, a doctor-turned-fashion-influencer from Shanghai, China, started her Instagram journey last year after her son created an account for her to show off her looks, often featuring a kaleidoscope of colours. Soon, she filled her feed with high-fashion street style and clothes that anyone would lust after, regardless of age.

It didn't take long for her to build a following, amassing over 30,000 followers with no signs of slowing down. Her aspirational style and fearless persona were a stark contrast to the 70-year-olds we're used to seeing, so her popularity didn't come as a surprise. 


There was, however, a small detail that did not go unnoticed in most of her looks: She loved a Prada and Miu Miu moment, and it was her loyalty to the brand that resulted in her walking the runway in Paris.

Speaking to W Magazine, Qin revealed that the Miu Miu team had reached out to her via Instagram, saying "At first, I couldn't believe it was real."


"It was like a dream. Several days later, after my invitation was confirmed, I still felt like it was a dream," she told the publication.

Upon receiving the official invite, Qin got to work, tackling an intense schedule and language barrier using Google Translate. She wrote on Instagram that she took action to "prove that age is not a problem!"

As a lover of all things fashion, Qin was more than familiar with Miuccia Prada, the 74-year-old powerhouse behind the brand. She first saw Miuccia from a distance in December last year when she came to Pradasphere II in Shanghai, but officially met her during the fitting for the show.

"During the fitting [for the show], I saw her again, as elegant as ever, and I greeted her sincerely and told her that I admired her very much," Qin told W Magazine.

"Out of my duty [as a doctor], I asked about her physical condition. She is healthy. She also told me that she likes how I style the Prada clothes."


From there, she made her debut on the catwalk, wearing a double-breasted embellished coat, a pair of oversized gloves, a black scarf, a brown leather bag and matching pointed-toe Mary Janes. Her face was stoic and her posture was poised, as if she had been doing this for decades.

After the show, Qin shared a heartfelt post on her Instagram, thanking everyone who helped her reach this milestone.

She started by acknowledging the work of her son, who taught her how to "post and communicate" on the app. 

"I seem to have opened the door to a new world," she wrote. 


Then, she thanked her followers. "Friends from all over the world have left me comments and likes. They appreciate my outfits and leave me messages. Some outfit accounts forward my pictures, hoping more people can see me."

She ended the post with a few inspiring words, encouraging others to not give up on their dreams regardless of where they are in life.

"Before the age of 70, I only cared about my patients as a doctor," she confessed. "Who would have thought that at the age of 70, I would be standing here on the runway today?"

"Come on! Look! This is Paris! Look! This is Miu Miu’s runway! Look! This is 70-year-old Qin."

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