'You smell like perfume that I didn't purchase.' Every Liam-mention in Miley Cyrus' new album.

ICYMI, Miley Cyrus' eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, has just dropped. And we are not okay.

The singer only released her lead single, 'Flowers' earlier this year, which set the tone for what we could expect from her. 

And based on what we've heard already, it looks like her new album will be exploring more of her allegedly chaotic marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth. 

Watch the trailer for Miley Cyrus' new album, Endless Summer Vacation Post continues after video. 

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The pair met on the set of The Last Song in 2009 and were on and off for over a decade before they married officially in 2019. One year later, they filed for divorce. 

Over the course of their relationship, Miley wrote plenty of bangers about the actor – from 'Wrecking Ball' to 'Drive' and most recently 'Flowers'. 

It appears that Endless Summer Vacation is all about how she and Liam's relationship failed. 

...And while Miley hasn't explicitly confirmed that the album is about her ex, we, as fans of both her and general celeb drama, have listened to the whole thing through and drawn our own conclusions on what the songs are about. And yes, we feel like it's all alluding to the Miley-and-Liam saga we've been tuned into for over 10 years now. 


So here's our take on the album, and what those spicy lyrics mean to us. 

Miley Cyrus labels Liam Hemsworth as the problem in their relationship.

In one song titled 'Jaded', Miley breaks down the moment she knew Liam "took it too far" and that perhaps their relationship was over – or at least on the rocks. 

"You're not even willing to look at your part, just jump in the car and head down to thе bar 'til you blurry," the song lyrics read. "You don't know when to stop, so you take it too far. And I don't know where you are and I'm left in the dark 'til I'm worried."

She also said "growing older" made their past harder to overcome. 

"Now I've had time to think it over, we're much older and the bones too big to bury," she sings. "Isn't it a shame it ended like that?" 

Later in the chorus, Miley blamed the breakdown of their relationship on – you guessed it – Liam.

"I'm sorry that you're jaded, could have taken you places, you're lonely now and I hate it."


Miley allegedly accuses Liam of cheating on her. 

In 'Muddy Feet', the singer opens up a bit more about why her and Liam's relationship ended, and kinda-sorta-maybe accuses him of cheating on her. 


"I don't know who the hell you think you're messing with, get the f**k out of my house with that s**t. Get the f**k out of my life with that s**t ," the song lyrics read. 

She later alludes to smelling another woman on her partner.

"You smell like perfume that I didn't purchase, now I know why you've been closing the curtains."

Rumours first began to circulate that Liam had cheated on her when the Twitter account PopTingz said the music video showed the house where he allegedly cheated on her with 14 women. 

"The house where the music video for Miley Cyrus' 'Flowers' was recorded was previously used by Liam Hemsworth to cheat on Miley with more than 14 women while they were married," the account tweeted. The tweet, whilst unverified, spread like wildfire, earning more than 40,000 likes and 10,000 retweets.

Listen to Lowbrow where Shannen Findlay breaks down Miley Cyrus' new song Flowers to Holly Wainwright. Post continues after audio. 

Miley says "loving" Liam wasn't enough for him. 

Along with making it clear she didn't exactly fit in with her ex-husband's family, Miley also sings in 'Wildcard' that their marriage was perhaps not an act of love – but one done out of necessity. 

"Do you want to play house? I can be your wife, going to meet your mum in a dress too tight," the lyrics say. 


She later sings, "I love when you hold me, but loving you is never enough," before saying she is a "wildcard" who wasn't enough for Liam. 

Miley says she and Liam were "pretending". 

In 'Rose Coloured Glasses', the Flowers singer suggests she was somewhat delusional about her relationship with Liam, saying she wanted to "pretend" they were happy. 

"We could stay like this forever, lost in Wonderland, with my head above the clouds, falling stupid like we're kids," she sings. "Wearing rose-coloured glasses, let's just play pretend. Wearing rose-coloured glasses, pretend we'll never end."

Miley says it was difficult to talk to Liam. 

Just in case you were confused, Endless Summer Vacation isn't just about Miley's anger towards her ex-husband, it's about her heartbreak too – and she makes that clear in 'Thousand Miles' where she discusses the breakdown of their marriage. 

"I'm not always right but still I ain't got time for what went wrong, we're in love I don't really care," she sings. "I'm out of my mind but still I'm holding on like a rolling stone, a thousand miles from anywhere."

The singer also goes on to suggest their communication was strained. 

"Look in the rearview, I was talking to you before I realised now it's madness, before the sadness," she says. "Pick up the phone and ring back home but all I get is a dial tone, and instead of hanging up, I hang my head."

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