'My midwife spoiled my gender surprise. Am I silly for being sad?'

A new age is upon us, people – the gender reveal party.

Gender reveal parties were easily one of the biggest trends to come out of 2017. You might not have thrown one, but you were probably, almost definitely invited to one.

Expectant mums and dads are seemingly loving nothing more right now than the chance to get all dressed up in gender neutral colours, while inviting friends and family to come sit in their backyard while they cut open a cake or pop a confetti-filled balloon.

So spare a thought for one poor mum, who had the chance to find out the gender of her new baby through a blue-coloured sponge cake stolen – yes, STOLEN – from her by her midwife.

In a recent Reddit post, one frustrated mum-to-be said her midwife had just assumed she knew the sex of her baby when she went for an appointment.

A woman on Reddit spoke about how her midwife ruined her gender surprise party. Photo: Getty Images

Already mum to one boy, the anonymous poster described the ordeal as "disappointingly anticlimactic".

"I SHOULD have opened the appt [appointment] with 'I don’t know the gender yet please don’t tell me!' But I didn’t realise I would need to do that," she wrote.

"I mean why should she assume I know?! People decide to be surprised all the time. But I guess they put the gender in the report so she just started using pronouns all nonchalant and just like that I found out - it’s (another) boy!"

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The woman says she found out the sex of her first child at her anatomy ultrasound, but this time, she wanted to throw a gender reveal party... which has now been completely ruined.

"This time I’m living closer to family and we decided to have a little gender reveal. I wanted to be surprised with everyone else so I didn’t look during the US [ultrasound] and had them write it down for me. We were planning a little cupcake reveal for next week," she added.

This is so much worse than that time everyone told you Jon Snow had died in Game of Thrones...

The mum says while she definitely wasn't upset to discover she was having another boy, she was really looking forward to finding out at the same time as everybody else at her gender reveal party.

She says she's been keeping the baby's gender - and the fact she knows - to herself, so as not to ruin the surprise for everybody else.

The anonymous woman is already mum to a little boy. Photo: Getty Images

"I’m choosing not to tell anyone irl [in real life] that I’ve had it spoiled, and trying to find a silver lining here of extra bonding with my little boy before anyone else knows and it’s our secret," she continued.

"I don’t want anyone to press me to tell them early so I might reveal that I knew after we do the reveal in a week, but I might just keep it to myself. Idk [I don't know]."

Either way, we hope she's been working on her surprised face for when she cuts into that cupcake.

The woman ended her post by saying she feels "dumb for being kinda sad", but we can totally relate to how she feels. We were devastated when we found out about Jon Snow, and that's just a TV show - this is so much worse.