The moment this couple's baby gender reveal party backfires spectacularly.

A couple in Minnesota, USA, were devastated when their baby gender reveal party did not go to plan.

Joe and Leela Krummel had gathered in from of their friends and family to open a box that would reveal their unborn child’s sex by the colour of the balloons that would float out.

Unfortunately, it appears there was a mix up at the balloon shop. Perhaps they didn’t quite understand the concept.

Instead of either blue or pink balloons appearing, bubbles of every colour of the rainbow emerged from the box.

Not happy (Image via Capers Clips)

The couple's obvious disappointment is written on their face and a few swear words can be heard over-the-top of the laughter from guests.


The video that appeared on YouTube channel Caters Clips, also features the makeup reveal. This time blue balloons emerge to everyone's joy.

Success. (Image via Capers Clips)

"Nobody at the party knew the gender, including us," Joe told Capers Clips.

"Before opening the box we were nervous because the store didn't seem to understand the concept of blue for boy, pink for girl, but they reassured us it would be done properly.

"But when we saw the multi-coloured balloons we were so disappointed, not only because 30 people were staring at us in confusion but because we couldn't find the card in the bottom that had the gender written on it."