'I have had this body for a very long time.' Everything that's happened since the Michael Clarke altercation.

Earlier this month, a clip surfaced of two of Australia's most high-profile celebrity couples in an alleged altercation. 

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, the incident took place on January 10 in Noosa and involved former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke and Today show host Karl Stefanovic. At the time, the two public figures were holidaying with their partners, sisters Jade and Jasmine Yarbrough.

Reports say the four were at dinner with their friend, celebrity accountant, Anthony Bell, when Jade confronted Michael. She had been in contact with his ex-partner, PE Nation co-founder Pip Edwards. 

According to the video, Jade had obtained proof he had cheated on her – to which he vehemently denied. 


Following the release of the now-viral video, several celebs have spoken out about the incident. 

Here's what they had to say.

Michael Clarke speaks.

Following the altercation, Michael issued a statement to The Daily Telegraph, and admitted he was "gutted" by his actions that night. 

"I accept full responsibility for this altercation and am shattered by my actions," he said. "I'm absolutely gutted I've put people I hold in the highest regard in this position. My actions in the lead-up to this altercation were nothing short of shameful and regrettable," he told the publication.

Michael added: "I am shattered that because of my actions, I've drawn women of class and integrity, and my mates, into this situation."

According to a friend, the ex-cricketer still "wants Jade back".

"He stuffed up and he knows he stuffed up and he got busted, it is as simple as that," the anonymous insider told Daily Mail Australia"But he wants Jade back. She's the one. But he knows it's going to take something big to make it happen."

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Pip Edwards speaks. 

Pip Edwards, who dated Michael from 2020 to 2021, was also dragged into the cheating scandal following the release of the now-viral video clip.

According to the footage, Pip and Jade were in contact and it's what led to the public breakdown. 

"You f**ked her on December 17… You f**ked her, you’re a f**king dog," Jade screamed.

The ex-cricketer responded: "Baby you’re wrong, you’re wrong."

Pip Edwards and Michael Clarke. Image: Instagram.


Pip released her own statement following the incident. 

"This is not my circus," Pip said. "Yet again, Michael in his true nature has not taken responsibility for his actions and I was blatantly lied to."

She spoke again to The Daily Telegraph on Saturday and shared she was done with the drama.

"It is definitely not my circus and I would like to say the carnival is over," she said on Saturday evening.

"The carnival is over and to be honest the focus for me is on the global expansion of P.E. Nation. The carnival is done."

Pip also spoke about the photos taken of her at the beach in a bikini, which were dubbed by the media as her "revenge body".


"I have had this body for a very long time," Pip told The Daily Telegraph. "I work on my body. It is part of my mental health, it is part of my stability, it is part of how I conquer my day."

She added: "First and foremost, I am a mother and a businesswoman, I just come with a body. It is not out of revenge, it is not out of anything other than being healthy, fit and active."

Karl Stefanovic is silent on the Today Show.

Whilst Channel 7's morning show Sunrise had the video of the family feud on rotation, Channel 9 was completely silent about the ordeal.

The Today show host was embroiled in the altercation when Michael yelled at him during the footage, shouting: "Karlos, I can tell you now c**t, don’t you f**king look away."

"She [Jade] can, she can punch me, but you, you c**t," he added.


Karl was not seen in the footage.

"You piece of s**t, don’t you f**king speak to him," Jade said in his defence. 

One bystander told The Daily Telegraph it was "gobsmacking" to see public figures "behave like that".

"It was gobsmacking. At the end of the day, these guys are public figures… I just know if you’re a public figure, you can’t behave like that," they said.

Since the incident arose, Karl has not said anything further about the feud.

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Peter Stefanovic speaks. 

While speaking on Nova's Fitzy and Wippa, Karl's brother Peter Stefanovic, spoke about the current situation. 


"I think he's going okay yeah. Yeah he's hanging in there," he explained. "He's alright though. He's just in pap city at the moment."

"And it's never a flattering photo they take is it?"

Kyle and Jackie O speak.

The radio broadcast on the Kyle and Jackie O show the morning after the footage went viral was certainly interesting, with their favourite topic of the day being the Noosa altercation.

Kyle wished to make it clear he didn't want to choose sides – but did ask the big questions Australia wanted to know. 

"If we all sit around and we think, 'What’s our worst fight we’ve ever, ever had with our partner,' imagine someone filming that and putting that on The Daily Telegraph," he said on air. "No thanks. I’d disappear forever, you’d never see me again."

Jackie agreed, saying she’d "leave the country for two months".

While discussing Karl's involvement in the debacle, the radio hosts believed he might have been trying to “diffuse” the situation.

"Who wants to get up and shoehorn themselves into someone else’s argy bargy? I think Karl was walking away," said Kyle, adding: "I hope they all do alright."

The radio host also asked "why" Michael was shirtless in a public park before adding he'd "been involved in thousands of fights like that".

Feature Image: Instagram @pipedwards.