'I've become a child and am addicted to Ice Magic.' And 6 more things Mia Freedman's babbling about.

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1. Alpha H Vitamin B Serum with 5% Niacinamide.

Image: AdoreBeauty/ALPHA H.   

I had dinner with my friend Paula Joye this week (friend doesn't seem enough to describe what we are to one another after 30 years but for now it will have to suffice) and she told me to buy two products, which I immediately did because I always do whatever she or Leigh Campbell tell me to do with my face. They know their s**t. 


Image: Supplied.

Alpha H niacinimide serum is one of them and to be honest I'm not entirely sure what niacinamide is or does but I've heard a lot about it, none of which I've managed to retain. You can buy Alpha H lots of places but I got it from Adore Beauty because all orders come with a free Tim Tam and who was ever sad about a Tim Tam.

2. Listening To Taylor Swift In Prison

This essay is so beautiful and unexpected and how's this for an opening sentence: "The first time I heard about Taylor Swift, I was in a Los Angeles County jail, waiting to be sent to prison for murder."


3. Adidas front-zip sports bra.

Currently down from $110 to $66. Image: Adidas.

Putting on or taking off a sports bra would have to be on my list of 10 things I loathe. I think because my boobs are big now and I need 2 sports bras and to do their job they have to be super tight and compressing and then when you sweat it's all just an unpleasant process and why does it have to be so hard. This one zips up at the front! It's a game changer. And it's on sale for half price right now. I bought several.


4. '80s TV commercials.

I'm not sure how I started watching this compilation of ads with my husband after dinner one night this week but he's always watching YouTube and this came up and we were riveted for an hour. Fully went down a rabbit hole – singing along with jingles I didn't even know I remembered. If you're a Gen Xer, you will ADORE this.

5. My dad's 80th birthday.

My parents, my son and my grandaughter! Pinch me. Image: Supplied.


It was my Dad's 80th birthday on the weekend and we had a family lunch with four generations. Making memories.

6. Ice Magic.

There is also a honeycomb flavour which is the bomb. Image: Supplied.

Look, somehow I have become a child and am currently addicted to Ice Magic on Sara Lee Vanilla ice-cream which I've been eating in a cup every night for dessert. I feel like it is mostly made of chemicals but my god, it's delicious.


7. This Danny Masterson piece by Holly Wainwright.

Image: Mamamia.

Holly Wainwright always has a knack for nailing the essence of a big zeitgeist story and putting words around how I feel. This is the best thing I've read on the Danny Masterson story.

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