The 5 things women know to be true about wearing the wrong-sized sports bra.

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I’ve spent more years of my life in sports bras than out of them. 

My childhood and teen years were defined by long days in dance studios, playing various sports, and training for school carnivals. 

Now, in my twenties, I lead a very active lifestyle working as a reformer pilates instructor. I also weight train and box regularly, take dance classes and go indoor bouldering on the weekends. 

So it's safe to say this range of physical activity has led me to have extremely high standards for the sports bras I choose to bring into my life. 

A sports bra is the single most important piece of workout apparel for those with breasts, and yet over 90 per cent of women are reported to be wearing the wrong size. 

I guess finding the perfect one is kind of like dating: you sometimes have to kiss (or try on) a lot of frogs before you find your prince or princess (dream sports bra).

I get it. It can be hard to find a brand that caters for all women, regardless of their activities, shape or size, but somehow adidas have managed to do it all with their new inclusive sports bra range.

Based on their research, adidas has redefined its sports bra collection, offering 43 new styles in 72 sizes. It also features the latest materials and design innovations, entirely designed by women for women. 

Whatever the activity, it's got you covered — from everyday bras for lounging and gentle movement, to medium support for sport and training, to the highest support bras made with HIIT and running in mind. 


Naturally, I headed in store ASAP to check it out for myself. When I began the (often) arduous process of trying to find the bra, I was immediately impressed.

There was such a great range of styles to suit all kinds of body shapes and exercise styles, so with the help of one of their specialised bra fitting experts, I opted for both lighter support bras (perfect for pilates) and some higher support bras (for HIIT training).

And as someone with a lifetime of bad experiences dating sports bras that probably meant well, but just weren’t the right fit for me, I’ve gotta say this range makes me pretty excited.

Why? Because these are the 5 things I know to be true when you’re dating an ill-fitting sports bra.

1. Your boobs keep mysteriously… spilling.

In all directions too. 

You get caught mid-squat realising that’s not in fact a shadow and it’s actually your nipple peeping out above the fabric. 

Or maybe you’re bending over to pick up your yoga mat and realise midway that this is a dangerous manoeuvre because one (or both) of the girls are about to fall out. Now, I’m all for #freethenipple but I’d like to do that on my own terms, please. 

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They also spill out of the sides. 

We’ve all experienced that uncomfortable half-armpit-half-boob situation when your sports bra is a touch too tight, or when you lift your arms overhead and your under-boob decides it’s finally showtime. 

That's why I decided to get my hands on the TLRD Power Impact Training High-Support Bra — its racerback is perfect for even the most arduous gym sessions and helps my boobs from, well, mysteriously spilling.

2. Your straps occasionally attempt to murder your shoulders.

That swanky sports bra with a million criss-cross straps might seem like a good idea... until you realise it’s been designed for someone the size of a small child. 

Of course, this realisation only truly sets in when you try to take it off at the end of the day, only to be left with angry red marks across your back and shoulders. And that’s if you’re even able to put it on. 


Even some of those innocent non-criss-cross bras can still do you dirty, either digging into your shoulders to the point it hurts to lift your arms, or by being so loose that with one wrong move, the entire strap falls off.

Image: Supplied. 

By designing their new collection with a female-led team in collaboration with athletes, adidas has ensured each sports bra has been redesigned with women’s functional needs in mind.


3. Your boobs have unsolicited dance parties.

I don’t have super large boobs, but even I’ve had encounters with bras that provide so little support that a short run or set of box jumps ends up being pretty painful because your boobs start jumping all over the place... particularly around that time of the month when they tend to swell up and become more sensitive. Ouch. 

However, different support levels are required for different activities, and it’s pretty incredible that adidas have considered a range of exercise intensity in their new collection. 

Their TLRD Impact Luxe Training High Support Bra is the perfect example of this. Its tailored underwire support provides breast stability and is designed specifically with high-impact workouts in mind. 


4. Your cups resemble sad chip packets.

You know that disappointing feeling when you open a bag of chips and only three-quarters of it is full? Yeah. It’s a similar feeling to when you look down and you’ve got the same scenario with your boobs only filling out three-quarters of the sports bra. I paid for a sports bra, not a set of airbags, okay?

It comes down to size inclusivity, and too often there’s a lack thereof. 

Women’s bodies (and boobs) come in such a diverse range of shapes and sizes, which should be reflected in the activewear we choose to wear. 

Thankfully, adidas’ has put this front of mind, with an incredible 72 sizes on offer making it their most extensive range yet. WE LOVE TO SEE IT.

5. Your outfit doesn’t look cute at brunch.

Athleisure is in fashion, and it’s here to stay. For me, a sports bra can’t just fit into my exercise routine, it needs to be adaptable for all my other life activities too, because I’m way too lazy to come up with a whole second outfit to wear each day. 

Plus, nothing makes you feel more put together than a cute matching set, and thankfully that’s where activewear can shine.

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But, if you’ve found yourself compromising fashion for function when it comes to your sports bras, you might be feeling robbed of that seamless gym to brunch outfit flow. 

I feel for you, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be this way, because I’ve scrolled through this collection and let me tell you, these bras are pretty freakin' cute.

Keen to get your hands on adidas' most inclusive and extensive range yet? Head over to their  website to shop the collection

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Adidas SS22 Bra Collection is available now online, in stores and via the adidas app.