Celeb in 5: Sunday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The real reason Meghan Markle’s “right hand woman” is leaving Kensington Palace.

Amy Pickerill is familiar to many as the woman who is constantly by Meghan Markle’s side.

Her job is to handle Duchess of Sussex’s schedule and deal with her correspondence. She also accompanies the Duchess when she makes public appearances.

She’s the one who ends up holding the bouquets of flowers thrust at Markle by adoring fans, along with any handmade cards and presents.

Following rumours that began circulating last year, we finally know why Pickerill decided to step down as private secretary.

According to the Daily Mail, Pickerill is “moving abroad but has agreed to stay on to help following the birth of her baby”.



Pickerill would be advising Markle on what and what not to do.

2. HAPPY NEWS: Lea Michele has married her partner of two years, Zandy Reich.

Glee star Lea Michele, 32, has announced she is now married to her partner of two years, AYR clothing president Zandy Reich, 36.

“We are so excited to be married and grateful to be surrounded by our friends and family,” the couple told People.


“And most of all, we’re so happy to spend the rest of our lives together.”

The couple married in an intimate ceremony in Northern California, after announcing their engagement in April 2018.


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Among the celebrities at the wedding were Glee stars Darren Criss and Becca Tobin, as well as Wild Child actress Emma Roberts.


3. Excuse us, but James Mathison is returning to our TV screens and we’re very excited.

andrew g and james mathison
Those were the days, weren't they? Image: Ten.

Kids today will never know the joy of sitting in front of the telly to watch Australian Idol.

One of the best things about Idol was the hosts, Andrew G - now known as Osher Gunsberg - and James Mathison.

An iconic pair, they were.

After Idol was canned in 2009, Mathison disappeared from our TV screens, instead going into politics.


Unfortunately, his short-lived political career didn't turn out so great (Mathison failed to contest Tony Abbott's seat of Warringah in 2016), but never fear, because he's back and we're very excited.

Mathison, 41, has been announced as a co-host on Foxtel’s new TV show Thrones 360, which will recap every episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, which premieres on Monday, March 18.

You can watch Thrones 360 starting from Monday, March 18 at 7:30pm on Fox8, and 9.30pm on Fox Showcase. Get keen!

4. Oh. MAFS Dino is releasing a tell-all book about his journey into spirituality.


It looks like Married At First Sight's Dino Hira is releasing a memoir.

dino married at first sight
The book is expected to be released in the coming months. Image: YouTube.

The book, which was finalised last year, will reportedly become available to fans in the coming months.

Although the book will touch on Dino's time on the reality show, it's believed the memoir will predominately focus on his journey into spirituality.

"There's far more to Dino than people see on the show and he can't wait to get this out," a friend of the reality star told Daily Mail.

"His life has been anything but ordinary and he hopes to inspire people with his story."

We wonder if Dino secretly recording his 'wife' Mel's phone calls will get a mention in the book...

We can only hope.

5. The first four Bachelor in Paradise contestants have been announced and we smell... drama.

Grab yourself a mango daiquiri, because Bachelor in Paradise is coming back in 2019.

And there is definitely a producer who wants to ~stir the pot~ because the first four contestants have been announced and we are already feeling the drama.


First of all, Richie Strahan, the 2016 bachelor, has been announced as a contestant.

But… so has his ex-girlfriend, Alex Nation.


How… awkward.

And to make matters even more exciting, Cat Henesey, who was last year asked to leave by bachelor Nick Cummins after allegedly bullying other contestants, is also joining the cast, alongside her partner in crime Alisha Aitken- Radburn.

You can find out more right here.