Meghan Markle accidentally let her nickname for Prince Harry slip.

Tell me you’ve never accidentally called your teacher ‘Mum’ or your partner ‘Bub’ in public and I’ll call you out for what you are.

A liar.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

When you’re telling off your kid and call them an amalgamation of theirs and their sibling’s name (Mum always called me ‘Namy’, ugh), or when you ask your ‘Bubba’ to pass the bread basket at a group dinner.

The same thing happened to Meghan Markle this week when she kind of forgot she was at work and called Prince Harry his ‘couple pet name’.

meghan markle pricne harry
Why am I like this? Image: Getty.

As in, the sickly name you refer to your partner as in the privacy of your own home and through text message before bed.

The 'work function' was a charity performance of the musical Hamilton at London's West End, a fundraiser for Harry’s HIV education charity Sentebale.


During a photo call with the musical's cast, The Duchess of Sussex turned to The Duke behind her and quietly asked if he could see.

Only, she didn't refer to him as Hazza, or Babe, or Ginger Bub, or His Royal Highness.

The 37-year-old called her husband 'my love', and the Hamilton cast let out an appropriately embarrassing 'awwwwww'.

Her reaction was what we imagine is 'royal speak' for 'oh crap'. You can watch it here thanks to the good samaritan who caught it on camera and promptly shared on Instagram.

Never mind, Meghan.

As far as gross pet names go, 'my love' is pretty tame.

Mine, on the other hand...

Have you ever accidentally called your partner by their nickname in public?