Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's joint monogram includes a lovely hidden message.

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If you needed more proof that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are simply meant to be, we can officially report it exists in the form of their monogram.

Each British royal family member has their own monogram or royal cypher (the term for the monogram-like symbol royals use on official letterheads), and the conjugal cypher of the newly wedded Duke and Duchess of Sussex, is pretty perfect.

Sharing the previously unknown tidbit of information, Georgie Gardner revealed the symbol on the The Today Show, after the couple sent her a thank you note for her wedding present.

As you can see below, the H and M perfectly intertwine into a single monogram… You could even say that it was meant to be.


According to Town and Country, the sapphire-blue tone of the monogram is said to be a a tribute to his late mother, Princess Diana, and carries the blue of Prince Harry’s original monogram. Other royal cyphers, like that of Prince William, Prince Charles and the Queen’s, are notably maroon.

When Georgie Gardner covered the royal wedding in May, the 48-year-old journalist gifted the new couple with a neoprene picnic rug from Perth-based designer, murph&murph, which featured an image of Cape Leveque – a landmark from her hometown of Perth.

Although it’s taken Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan nearly two and a half months to respond – they are very busy people after all – the letter was every bit as charming as you’d expect.


“Dear Georgie, we wanted to write and thank you for the incredibly thoughtful wedding gift. We’re both delighted that you would think of us during this special time and greatly appreciate your kindness,” she said, reading out the letter on the Today Show last Thursday.

“We greatly apologise the delay in getting this letter to you, but as you can hopefully understand, it has been a very busy time for us,”

“Thank you again for you kind gift and we agree with you, Karl’s a pain in the neck,” she said, maybe making the last bit up. Maybe.

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