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rachel k March 11, 2022

@yeahyepyes I had the impression that he'd only had a few, had his wits about him and quite possibly initiated it himself.

I understand that nobody should have sex with anyone who doesn't know what they're doing, but surely we can't never have sex unless there's no alcohol in our bloodstream?
Food for thought actually... I'm going to have to consider my opinion on this now...

rachel k March 11, 2022

Yes! As I told one man who thought the way to impress me was how many different bells and whistles he could bring to the table, if you need gimmicks all the time maybe you need to learn the basics first lol

rachel k February 18, 2022

I've been following more enlightened doctors lately who have pulled apart the problems with all the 'studies' that supposedly show that being fat is bad for your health. None of them took medical fatphobia into account, or weight cycling, which has been found to be worse for our health than being fat.

rachel k February 18, 2022

Oh I hear you. It's great to see that more information based on less flawed research methods is coming to light, but sadly too slowly to prevent many people from still going through the trauma that is medical fatphobia. 

rachel k January 9, 2022

I cannot believe the gall of some people. They want back a dog they had asked to be killed because it was messing with their holiday plans. What would happen if he got sick again? It's never a good time for a family member to get sick. There's always something that will have to give. That's what you sign up for when you get a furbaby. I'm so glad he's with you. 

rachel k December 18, 2021

It blows me away how people think it's a good idea to comment on anyone's weight. Even (badly) disguising it as 'concern for your health'. Nope.

If you haven't already, I strongly recommend checking out Dances With Fat. Ragen Chastain is a bloody legend.
I particularly recommend this link, which leads to other helpful links:

rachel k November 23, 2021

I'm so glad you got help eventually, although it should never have taken that long. It infuriates me that you had to go through all that first. People claim that being fat is a health hazard, but when we try to get health care everything is blamed on our weight. That's what the biggest health hazard is. A fat person could have a piano fall on their head and people would find a way to blame it on their weight.

Thank you for speaking up!

rachel k November 3, 2021

Absolutely agree with all the above (especially the bread) with the exception of the dissing of peanut butter and jam, which is a match made in heaven.

The last time I visited America I had an upset stomach for days. One of the friends I was staying with said "Four words - high fructose corn syrup".  I think he was right.

rachel k September 26, 2021

OMG I'm so glad it's not just me; I thought I must be a total picnic Scrooge 😂😂😂

Add the fact that I live alone and can't think of anyone I'd want to picnic with within my LGA/5km.

rachel k September 24, 2021

I'm interested that you see Jenny Gross as part of that trope. I get that she had low self esteem at the beginning of the series, and there was reference to the bullying she got at school, but I'm trying to remember if her weight was given as the reason for that. Her thin friends were also bullied, which from memory is what bonded them all.

Still, it's been years since I watched the show so maybe my memory is hazy.

rachel k July 20, 2021

You have my utmost sympathy and understanding. My daughters are now 25 and 23, and I can still remember the misery, despite wanting both these babies. I'd thought I'd be a happy, glowing mum to be. I was in and out of hospital with dehydration with my first, and thought when trying for my second that surely I wouldn't be this unlucky again. Ha! I was vomiting up to and during labour with both. 

Hang in there Kelly. It's really hard but it's worth it. Hugs!

rachelkeyte May 22, 2021

@rachelkeyte (continued) When my kids started school, they had inherited my (lack of) athletic ability and it seemed the culture around that hadn't changed, so I started scheduling things like dental and medical appointments to coincide with sporting events.

I never just let my kids off things just because they didn't enjoy them or weren't the best, but there's no benefit to exposing them to humiliation and bullying.

rachelkeyte May 22, 2021

Absolutely agree. Not excelling at sport is different to being poor at maths & English. When my kids were in primary school we were told at a parent info night one year to tell our kids not to discuss their academic prowess with others as it made the kids who struggled feel bad. I told my child's teacher I totally support that but if you stink at sport it's out there for everyone to see and kids and even teachers (particularly PE and sport teachers) are nasty af to kids who are uncoordinated or slow.

School sports were torture for me. I walked to school, ran and rode my bike in my own time, but I was slow and uncoordinated which would have been fine if everyone, teachers included, were taught that we all have different abilities and that no-one should be bullied about their weaknesses.  

rachelkeyte December 26, 2020

@cat agreed. Everyone has something that might possibly make us a potential expense to the health system (and being fat is not one of those things anyway!). What about people who smoke, or who don't wear seat belts or helmets? Thin people who live on Macca's? Football or netball players with bad knees? I don't begrudge my tax dollars to any of those people who might need health care at some point. Human beings all have value and deserve health care.

rachelkeyte May 27, 2020

So good to see justice served - or at least a portion of it. No way was there any excuse or room for misunderstanding here.  They're was no way she couldn't have known what would probably have happened if the police had turned up.

Rachel Keyte October 25, 2019

Does anyone happen to know if the products are cruelty free? I can never work that out for sure by googling.

Rachel Keyte October 11, 2019

Agreed - don't even feel like you have to wear something you are physically or psychologically uncomfortable in. Well, unless it's for actual safety, like a seat belt lol. Another one here who hasn't worn jeans for years.

Rachel Keyte October 11, 2019

Not only were you fat shamed, you were also concern trolled. People who fat shame under the guise of concern are still bullies, even if they genuinely think they are acting out of care. They are still stepping on and over your boundaries.

I suggest reading this amazing blog, and type 'concern' into the search function. You will get plenty of material about concern trolling, and even some suggestions of how to handle it if you want to (although IMO block and delete like you did was perfect. Not that my opinion should matter).

In the end, the only thing you can really tell by looking at someone's size is your own level of weight bias. Healthy and unhealthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

Rachel Keyte October 11, 2019

Agreed! Love Annie!

Rachel Keyte August 30, 2019

The Body Shop Hemp Rescue Balm! My heels, hands and nails miss it so much! :'(