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rachel k June 29, 2024

Not the a**hole, although I think it's management who are at fault here. It's appalling that you couldn't go home to take your dog to the vet. If your dog had been a human child the workplace would have just had to find a way to cope. They could have done it then too. 

rachel k June 20, 2024

The consistency of puff pastry 不不不

You're such a good writer Erin!

rachel k June 20, 2024

Totally agree about vitamin C, I've wasted so much money trying different ones and they all give me a red, stinging face like a chemical burn. Now I want to know what skincare products contain astaxanthin!

rachel k May 23, 2024

Thank you. I feel so seen.

rachel k April 24, 2024

Thank you for sharing such a personal experience with us Clare. Birthing is often a huge physical and psychological trauma, and you're right, we sometimes dissociate because it's for survival. Not your fault at all, we get the birth experience we get regardless of our prep or lack thereof. Sending love.

rachel k April 15, 2024

@gu3st and not even all their body parts, just their vaginas apparently 不

Doesn't she kiss or have foreplay with either of them? 不

rachel k April 5, 2024

So determined to not be a cliche, but a hard done by husband who wants more out of life. That itself is such a cliche. 

I agree, I've never seen a straight man leave a relationship for anything other than another person, regardless of how they try to deny it.
Good on you for sharing your experience and for moving forward despite the pain.

rachel k March 6, 2024

Oh wow, just about everything you said resonated so strongly with me (except the jeans thing - I'm not just fat but an odd shape apparently, and even when I was half the size I am now I could never find jeans that sat right on me).

But thank you for the recommendations to follow. I thought I knew them all, but apart from Curvy Sam I didn't know any of those ones!

rachel k February 1, 2024

Thank you for publishing this. I can still remember the misery of this condition with both my pregnancies, even though my children are now 28 and 25. I wanted my children very much, but the pregnancies were torture.  My mental health suffered terribly, and nobody seemed to know what to do with me. I felt like losing it whenever anyone suggested 'eating a dry cracker before getting up in the morning'. It wasn't normal morning sickness!

rachel k January 5, 2024

What a disgusting thing to do to you! No different to assault. I'm so sorry this happened and that there was no action taken. Definitely something that the law should be addressing.

rachel k December 23, 2023


rachel k December 23, 2023

@montanah this!

rachel k November 19, 2023

Oh I hear you!  I have terrible insomnia, and on work days I have to get up at around 5am so tend to average 4-5 hours sleep a night.  Weekends, I automatically wake up at 5, feed the cat (OK so it's more that she wakes me up than that I automatically wake up), then go back to bed and get the best sleep of my week.  Early commitments are a big sacrifice.

rachel k October 8, 2023

I'm glad you included the concealer even though they're about the same price, because the selling point for me is that MCo Beauty is cruelty free.

Also very excited to try the ANR dupe for the same reason - the lower price point is a bonus

rachel k October 7, 2023

@little lucy exactly this!

rachel k September 8, 2023

Oh I remember this so well and my kids are now 27 and 25.

We went from a bedtime story from a book to the following:
Bedtime story from a book
Snuggle in bed with a made up story.
Run through of what we did that day.
Requests for "what we did today with something special" which meant adding something made up ie a sneaky way to add another made up story.
A song.
It was bloody exhausting 不

rachel k September 4, 2023

Oh I hear you 不

I grew mine out years ago. Best thing I ever did. I'd leave the house feeling pretty good about how I looked, but then somehow by the time there were photos I'd have this greasy kind of bunting across my forehead. 
Honestly, if my fringe had ever looked as good as yours does in this pic I'd have been quite happy with it lol

rachel k September 3, 2023

Gotta what what people's lives are like if they could be bothered saying such nasty things about someone they could easily ignore or scroll past.

Clare, you're amazing, smart, funny and beautiful. Haters will hate and it will probably eat them alive eventually.

rachel k August 18, 2023

What a horrible ordeal! Good for you for standing firm and for thinking of other plus sized passengers who don't have the power of the published written word the way you do. Nobody should have to suffer indignity because of the shape or size of their body. I'm still struggling, in my 50s, to remember that I'm just as worthy of respect as a thin person is. You're my hero.

rachel k July 20, 2023

Oh wow. I mean, upselling in a general way is one thing (annoying but I get why they're taught to do it). Actually pointing out something that could be a sore point is really tactless. I hope they're not taught to do that.