'I've found a $24 dupe for the $82 Westman Atelier Baby Face blush.'

Friends, gather. 

It's time for another tale of a juicy beauty dupe entering our world and I KNOW, I know... there are those who feel that a product that is very much like another product but is approximately a quarter of the price of the other product is cheating but I... I disagree. My bank account disagrees. Respectfully, of course.

Because why would I spend more when I can spend... less?

So, the dupe.

THE dupe.

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Let me preface everything by saying that I have altogether far too many cream (creme?) blushes. I admit it. I confess, okay? But it doesn't stop me chasing down every pot of rosy-cheeked gold pink I can get my grubby hands on — which is precisely why I was so chuffed to find a *certain* cream blush stick for almost a quarter the price of one of my favourite spendier products.

And honestly? With a difference in price of $58, this is just smart budgeting. You might say I'm something of an economist *dusts off very frugal shoulders*. Or I might go and buy a couple more shades with spare change for a coffee. 🫠


Psst: If you want to know how brands get away with 'duping' other products, click here.

When I was 18, the trending makeup look was anything powder. Literally: cover your whole mug in pressed powder, dust on some blue iridescent eye shadow (what? I'm a millennial), a swipe of mascara and you're good to go. 

But now as a lass of almost 40, with a face that errs on the side of dryness, powders aren't it for me – and haven't been for a while. I've spent the past few years moving away from anything that could settle in the fine lines of my face, and yes I'm looking at you, powder blush.

For me, a good creamy blush is all part of a dewy, fresh makeup look, and the only way to sort myself out with a very natural-looking flush.

So, okay, ENOUGH ALREADY, let's get to the blushes. 

Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush, $82, is a delicious little product. She's creamy. She's sheer. She's giving subtle, fresh, just--went-for-a-light-jog-or-romp-in-the-sheets flush... I would go so far as to call this perfection in stick blush form.

Blend on your cheeks, dab on your lips, or swipe on your eyelids for a hit of colour anywhere. The shades are super natural (there are also six to choose from), and feature organic jojoba oil (hello hydration, my old friend), and "biomimicry pigments", which help in achieving a natural-looking, even-toned colour.



*Takes big breath.*

But I also love a very similar MCoBeauty product, and you *knew* I was going to say MCoBeauty, right? Because... who else?

Yes, we see the similarities... Image: Supplied/Alix Nicholson. MCoBeauty's Baby Face Multiuse Cream Stick — which, you might notice, has packaging that looks... pretty familiar... and it's $24.


And for your money, you get a creamy wash of hydrating colour that looks great smudged on cheeks or lips (we love double duty).

Now, there are differences. Of COURSE there are differences! As far as shades go, there are fewer options (four) in the MCo version, but the Peony Rose (my personal favourite), isn't dissimilar to Westman Atelier's Dou Dou — it's kind of the missing link between Dou Dou and Petal.

My kind of rainbow. Image: Supplied/Alix Nicholson.

But, I know — what you really want to know is how they compare on your face, and okay let me tell you (and show you).

I'm an apply-with-fingers girlie, because I like the way the warmth from my hands helps melt the product into my skin, and can tell you both of these products glided on and blended beautifully with no dramas.

Both Westman Atelier and MCoBeauty's cream blush sticks are buildable for deeper colour, and the pigment is enough that a little goes a long way. Out of a lineup? I couldn't pick one over the other. See? 

Nobutsrsly which one's which? (Jokes, MCo's on the left.) Image: Supplied/Alix Nicholson.

So there you have it: Two beautiful cream blush options, one priced at the savey end, one a little closer to spendy territory — and both delivering delicious subtle colour wherever you need it. Whether you splurge on the Westman Atelier pick or dip in with MCoBeauty's option, you'll have a cute face, so either way you can't lose.


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Feature image: Supplied.

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