'I just discovered a Tom Ford perfume dupe that smells exactly like the original. It's only $10.'

Fragrances can be fun! Exciting! But also, a little bit ridiculous.

You'll find most popular perfumes sit around the $100 mark, reaching right up to $400 (or more) for some of the fancy, designer sniffs. Ugh. It's a lot.

And there's honestly nothing more heartbreaking than becoming utterly *obsessed* with a particular scent only to find out it's waaaay too expensive to buy regularly. 

But! That's where dupes come in. And our friend Kelly McCarren just found a serious winner.

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On a recent episode of You Beauty, Kelly shared the Tom Ford Cherry Smoke dupe (which retails between $370 to $780, depending on size) that smells exactly like the real thing.

And it's $10.

"It's called The Dupe Spot," Kelly told co-host Leigh Campbell. "And it's handmade in Melbourne. It's a start-up and they basically do dupes of really famous expensive fragrances. This is their version of 'Cherry Smoke' by Tom Ford — and it's $10.95."


"It's about five mls in a little rollerball — and that's all you want. It's what I've got in my bag at the moment. It's what I've been taking to weekends away recently and I've still got so much product left because you really don't need much." 

Image: The Dupe Spot


"I know how beautiful a big bottle looks on a shelf and whatnot, but I do wish that more brands would release little mini versions."

And honestly, SAME.

Because unless you have one signature fragrance (some people have two or three or more) (me, this is me), you're forever rotating between different scents depending on the day or your mood. And it gets pricey buying the big bottles! So gosh darn pricey.

"One of my bougie girlfriends who loves Tom Ford backed it up. I said, 'What do you think that this smells like?' And straightaway she was like, 'That's Tom Ford'."

"So, if you wanted to try something and see how it wears, order a couple of these because I'm pretty sure you can order a few and then maybe get a discount code online," said Kelly. "And it LASTS. I don't know what the hell they've got in this but it lasts and lasts — and that's just with like a tiny dab of the rollerball."

The best part? It looks like there are a whole load of other great designer dupes on The Dupe Spot website — from Le Labo to Chanel — so, catch me filling up my basket!

Have you tried the OG Tom Ford or this dupe version before? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Canva/Myer/Instagram; @kelly_mccarren.