Today, thousands of people are angry about eight-year-old Mason Disick's "unibrow".

Before this week, I hadn’t given much thought to the state of Mason Disick’s eyebrows.

If you read that and thought, ‘Mason, who?’ then welcome, my esteemed friend. You clearly have never watched an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and have hobbies superior to my own.

Mason – the child of Kourtney Kardashian (she’s the short one who likes to eats paleo sauerkraut, or something) – hopefully has no idea that the hair on his face can be deemed ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. Mostly because he wasn’t even alive for Y2K. Hell, the kid didn’t even exist when Beyonce’s Single Ladies was released. He’s eight. He too busy watching his iPad and boarding private jets to care about such trivial matters.

My life

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But the people? Oh, the people care about Mason’s eyebrows. And they want Scott Disick (the one who’s dating a teenager and weirdly insists on being called “The Lord”) to do something about them.

Something of a petition was kickstarted in the comments section of Scott’s I mean The Lord’s Instagram post demanding the father-of-three run to the nearest Priceline and pick up some tweezers immediately.

lmfao indeed.

Now, in case your eyes glazed over after reading the word 'Kardashians', let me reiterate this child is eight. An eight-year-old who, according to follower 'showersex' - the purveyor of all things good and true - owes it to "the public" to look a certain way.

"The public" being thousands of random adults who are decades older than Mason Disick. Ah, yes. Of course. That makes a lot of sense.

Is it not a little bit concerning that we expect an eight-year-old to look a certain way, and feel indignant when he doesn't deliver?

And then there are those who suggest, as parents, that Kourtney and Scott The Lord are being neglectful in not shaving Mason's unibrow.

Sure, the Kardashian women are showering in money and cars and tens of millions of Instagram followers. But the Kardashian kids?

Man, I feel kinda sorry for them. God forbid they have stray eyebrow hairs out of place.

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