What Kourtney Kardashian eats in a day, and the strange reason she's on a diet.

For most of us a detox would mean cutting out crap from our diets – delicious, delicious crap – like wine, soft drinks, desserts, cheese.

Kourtney Kardashian is not most of us. We know this. She just wants to remind us, OK?

In a post on her lifestyle app, the 38-year-old American reality star has shared what’s on the menu for her version of a detox, given she already avoids wonderful things like gluten, dairy, sugar and red meat.

According to People, the mother of three has been on a stripped-back diet “on and off for a few months now” due to her doctor finding high levels of mercury and lead in her system.

Mercury. And lead.
Mercury…. and lead.

In an effort to, erm, get things back in balance, Kardashian eats a diet to keep her body in a state of ketosis; she explains, “when the glycogen in your liver is depleted and the body burns fatty acids for energy.”

This means eating three meals a day that are high in protein and fatty acids, and low in carbohydrates. ‘Low’ as in pretty much devoid of them. No grains, no beans, no legumes, no fun.

Breakfast is a little bit of fruit, usually via an avo smoothie.

Lunch and dinner, meanwhile, is all about the protein – chicken, fish – and a bit of brocoli or cauliflower rice (which is a fancy, and frankly, deceptive way of saying grated cauliflower).

As for snacks, well, that involves eating nothing. Although, she sometimes treats herself to the odd handful of almonds.

Wait... No snacks? How is she smiling? Image: Getty.

Also, one day a week, all that gets shelved for 24-hours in favour of water and bone broth. “On fasting days, I try to stay busy and, if I’m home, I’ll avoid going into the kitchen,” she says.

Of course, none of the above should be taken as medical or dietary advice. Much like contouring, just because it works for a Kardashian, it doesn't mean it will for you.

But if we can take anything away from this whole mind-blowing day-on-a-plate, it's that Kourtney Kardashian rich... in self-control.

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